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SOLAR SWITCH  is  An Innovative Solution that harnesses the power of the Sun

One of the pioneering solutions that has emerged in recent years is the Solar Switch. This technology is designed to capture solar power in a simple and effective manner. Thus providing an environmentally friendly and cost-effective source of energy for homes, businesses, and communities.

SOLAR SWITCH is a guide that allows you to get free energy. Thanks to a man who discovered an electricity source 10 times more powerful than traditional solar panels.

In 10% of the space. Solar switch is a no-brained do-it-yourself that acts like a plant.

The sun is being tracked. To give you more energy.

It is a simple design that could cut your power bills by a third.

You can power up any kind of household appliance, from lamps and toasters to electricity hogs like refrigerators and AC units. You can power up a cabin in the wilderness. And you will have not to worry about paying the electric company more.

How to build a 3D solar panel in under an hour. 1000W solar cells are for less than $100.
Even if you never assembled anything in your entire life, you will get the instructions to make your own Backyard Liberty system.

The smart tower cuts power bills by 65 percent.

If you’re in a home, you should report for alternative electric energy sources to protect your home and power supply from any disaster. The Solar switch system will be pumping power all the time, so you should build your energy stockpile so that you never waste it.

In case of an EMP, you will learn how to use all the natural energy resources Mother Nature has to offer.

Smart tower cuts power bills by 65 % !

Solar swirch comes with 3 bonuses :

  1. Alternative Electric Energy Sources for Your Homestead : report for protecting your home and power supply from any disaster, EMP, or all-out blackout that might be heading our way.
  2. How to Build Your Energy Stockpile : so you’ll never waste any of that precious power juice the Solar Switch system will be pumping day in and out.
  3. How to Protrct Your Homestead in Case of an EMP : that will show you how to tap into all the available natural energy resources Mother Nature has to offer.



Regular Price $ 89.00  but Here only $ 39.00


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