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EMF Defense Sticker

is a small but powerful tool that can protect you from harmful electromagnetic fields.

This sticker, which can be added to your electronic devices or placed near your body, creates a shield against the EMF radiation emitted by these devices. The sticker is made of a specially formulated material that absorbs EMF radiation and converts it into heat. With EMF Defense Sticker, you can reduce your exposure to harmful radiation and enjoy a healthier life.

Do you spend more than 17 minutes a day on your phone?
Even if you don’t use your phone, it’s a known fact that your phone emits a steady stream of radiation.
Whether you are using it or not.
In many European countries, wired earbuds are required for phones to be sold because you aren’t supposed to use your phone within an inch of your body.

The good news is that you can protect yourself from harmful EMFs.

You can use a very inexpensive solution to counteract up to 99% of the radiation.

The sticker looks simple, but it is a powerful tool that reduces the amount of harmful radiation from your phone. It is composed of gold, germanium and other minerals and materials.

It doesn’t interfere with your reception so you can talk, text, stream, or carry your phone in your pocket without getting exposed to harmful EMFs.
Simply peel the sticker from the backing of your phone and paste it to the back of it.

The patch will not interfere with your reception or interrupt your use. It is simple to paste it and forget about it.

Your EMF Shield for phone and other electronics: Negative Ion+Far Infrared Caring for Health.

Anti-Electromagnetic Radiation: it can effectively remove phenomena such as headache, insomnia and hair loss.


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