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Foods to eat or to avoid on a keto diet

Foods to eat or to avoid on a keto diet

Now you know the principles of the keto diet, and surely you want to dive into it and finally get started.

So start by getting rid of all the “junk food”

Crisps, cookies, processed foods, convenience foods, white bread, anything that comes out of a box, packet or jar is likely to be full of fats, sugar and preservatives unhealthy. “Empty” and unhealthy carbs compose them. They fill you up for sure, but that’s about all they do.

Replace them with healthy foods. We are talking about foods such as red meat – beef, pork, lamb. Buy healthy meat, check that animals are grass fed, organic if you can. Poultry – chicken, turkey, etc. – also suitable, just make sure it is grain fed and free range.

Foods to eat or to avoid on a keto diet
Foods to eat or to avoid on a keto diet

Grilled chicken meat and fresh vegetable salad of tomato, cucumber, egg, lettuce and raspberry

It is important to know how the animals that make up your meal are raised. Most of the meat sold in supermarkets and restaurants is mass-produced – raised in feedlots or poultry houses where poultry are crowded and fed GMO animal feed. This can lead to low nutrient and unhealthy meat. If in addition, you decide to serve it with fries or white rice – that’s a lot of carbs but not much else.

Seafood, shellfish, fatty fishes : salmon, sardines, mackerel and mild white fishes : cod, trout are also low in carbohydrates.
You can eat eggs too.
Cheese, butter, and cream can all be part of a keto diet.
Avoid flavored yogurt and other diary often full of added sugar.

The keto diet requires monitoring the sugars consumed, no more than 5% / day.

Foods to eat or to avoid on a keto diet
Foods to eat or to avoid on a keto diet

Always, eat healthy foods that are very low in carbohydrates on a keto diet.

Fried salmon steaks, fried cauliflower and fried edible mushrooms

You should also eat plenty of vegetables on your keto diet. In a rule, vegetables are lower in carbs and are generally the best keto options: cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, kale, Brussels sprouts, etc.

But legumes – peas, beans, etc. – tend to be towards the higher end of the carb scale, so keep them to a minimum. You can prepare vegetables with real butter or even better with olive oil. Avoid potatoes, rice, and of course, particularly cakes, pies, sweets and other carbohydrate-rich foods. But you can take low carb desserts

Avoid most fruits, especially very sweet fruits on a keto diet. But it is possible to incorporate low carbohydrate fruits into this diet if they are eaten in moderation. Avocados, tomatoes and olives are not vegetables… but real fruits which are also low in carbohydrates. Blackberries and raspberries are fruits or berries that are also low in carbohydrates, as are strawberries.

Just like with meat, avoid GMOs and other intensively grown products. Instead, shop around and opt for the healthy options – preferably organic. They are more expensive, but worth it – what is the cost to your health?

A healthy keto diet can help you lose weight, improve your health and feel better!

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