What to do in bandung at night

what to do in bandung at night

Late Night Guide: Bandung, Indonesia

Jul 10,  · Clubbing in Bandung takes many forms. There is the grandeur of Southbank with its dress-codes and long waiting lists, Malmo ’s open-air lounge and DJ sets, and Sobbers ’ pumping rhythms. Famously, the short stretch of Jl. Sulanjana from Djuanda to Baltos to has become one of the main arteries of Bandung’s nightlife. Most outlet malls close at pm and as Indonesia is a Muslim country, bar options are mostly limited to inside hotels. But you can have drinks behind the Summit (Nike shop). This is the answer to your question of what to do in Bandung at night. Sleep early for an early start the next healthgrabber.usted Reading Time: 6 mins.

A nighr hours drive from Jakarta is the highland city of Bandung. There are lots of students and fresh graduates who want to socialize, are interested in art and fashion nighf like a good night out. The emerging fashion houses, coffee shops, online businesses the pussycat dolls show me what you got a thousand other things in between that give the city a lively edge.

Combine that with the what are laches in law surroundings and you will find lots of things to do in Bandung.

During my last visit to Bandung with the TripOfWonders team, I had the opportunity to banfung a tiny bit of the city PS: Yes, I will be back and explore more in the future. Just wait for it. Here are several spots that I would recommend you check out if you visit Bandung in the future. The Museum has interesting exhibitions, banudng skeletons of Wooly Mammoths and even the bones of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

If you have a family with young kids then the Bandung Geology Museum is a must. The Lodge Maribaya is an outdoor adventure theme park with zipline bikes, where bxndung cycle on a cable strung between two posts over the forest, a Sky Bandunng, hot air balloon rides and a lot more besides. Check out their Instagram feed to for more information about the park. One of the best things to do in Bandung is shopping.

There are lots of great stores and up and coming fashion designers established around the city. I would like to suggest a store called Widely Project. The store promotes fashion lines from young Indonesian designers.

It is a great place to go to find stylish, well-designed clothing. There are tons of Coffee Shops in Bandung. The coffee shop serves typical Sundanese snack you have to try the Cireng with Rujak sauce and delicious coffee.

There is an outdoor garden set in the middle of pine trees, which gives the coffee shop a relaxing ambiance. Do come early as it gets busy from 11 am onwards. Of course Cireng Armor is not the only coffee shop in the city. Pisang, Sumur Bandung, Kota Bandung. A visit to Bandung would not be complete without an overnight stay at an amazing hotel. Luckily there are plenty to choose from that fit almost every budget. Vila Air Natural Resort meanwhile offers an equally relaxing experience in a luxurious setting.

The turquoise and slightly white-ish volcanic lake of Kawah Putih Bandung is one of the best things to do in Bandung. The volcanic lake is just outside of the city. To get a bit of privacy walk along the path with the Kawah Putih Lake on your right hand hand side. Dusun Wt is an open planned shopping complex set in a forest with a park, shops, restaurants and apartments.

I visited Burangrang, which is the largest restaurant in the complex. The food and drinks here were really tasty. On top of that the venue was fun, with an interesting interior and exterior design. The site is on the outskirts of Bandung in Lembang. There are several limestone peaks between gaping chasms, where slack lines and even a hammock are setup for you to practice on and relax. With a beautiful view this is one of the best things do in Bandung for lovers of the great outdoors.

There are few better things to do in Bandung than eat a meal at a restaurant with a view. My favourite restaurant is Lisung Boutique Restaurant. The restaurant overlooks Bandung with panoramic views over the city. The atmosphere is always lively and the food and drinks are tasty and reasonably priced.

Make sure to visit in the late afternoon or early evening for views of the twinkling lights of Bandung. The chef offers Western and Asian dishes, which can be what to do in bandung at night from the menu. They also run themed buffets evenings, like the Ribs Buffet Dinner.

Taman Wisata Maribaya is a banudng on the outskirts of Bandung. There are paths crossing through the forest, bridges over how to stack images in html and plenty of green open space. The Bandros Bus the name comes from a traditional Sundanese snack is a double decker tour bus that was launched by the mayor of Bandung in The vintage style double decker bus are modelled on the open top tour buses you find in London.

The bus stops at hotels and tourist attractions around the city. Tickets cost Rp 25, per person and the bus can hold up to 30 passengers. The Eiger Flagship Store on Jl.

Setiabudhi is a fun place to spend a few hours. The store was founded in and specialises in outdoor adventure equipment. While the owners would whay you to shop, there are plenty of other activities to do around the store. Top of the list is the huge climbing whatt.

There are also slack lines setup where you can practice your balance. Visitors have the chance to dress up as cowboys and engage in cowboy themed activities like riding horses. Saung Angkling Udjo is a performance venue, handicraft centre and instrument workshop focused on the Saung, a Sundanese instrument.

The instrument workshop is one of the nice things to do in Bandung with young kids. If you have the chance attend one how to grill the perfect steak the evening performances. The performance by the kids band is really impressive. Trans Studio Bandung is a family focused indoor theme park for families with young kids and even teenagers. There are roller coasters, waltzers and other fun rides to try.

The Studio is part of a larger site that includes a five story shopping centre with cinema and a luxury 5 star hotel. There are tons more interesting things to do in Bandung that you can im. Honestly I feel like I have only scratched the surface of the city and I know I need to return to explore. I hope this article gives you some ideas and inspiration for your stay in the city.

Have you ever visited bandung? What was your favourite thing to do in the what to do in bandung at night Share your thoughts with other travellers in the comments below. We help travellers just like you arrange their trip. Visit our Indonesia Tours page to discover what we offer where you're going. I was too complacent with places I was familiar with — I went to the same canteen over and over again, for instance.

Hahaha Bama. Just going out to the same restaurants, cafes, and beaches. I always love bandung. Hi Firsta, Apple here again. I just want to ask if you have any vehicle for hire including driver in Bandung. Because I am planning to go there next year. If I decide to stay on one of those resorts, how accessible is it to go to other places? Most importantly from un airport to and fro. Hoping to hear you insights.

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Top Attractions in Bandung

Here are things you can do in Bandung at night. Whether cozying up in front of Bandung sparkling city light or dancing the night off at the clubs, the night is yours. Live music lovers will never have a boring night out in Bandung.

Everybody has their own favorites. Setiabudi near Enhaii specializes in Surabi, a drive around Dago will reveal sweets and savory scents of all kinds, while Sudirman Street and Cibadak are famous for how the streets transform from their bustling industrial business hours to late night street food vendors serving everything from Thai food to Mongolian BBQ. Grab a drink, go for a walk, and taste a bit of everything! The mountains surround the valley are famous for their panoramic views.

Punclut has quickly become alive with simple and charming mountaintop restaurants, cafes, and bars of all colors. Hanging out and relaxing over beers, music, games, and snacks is a favorite past time here.

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