What is bb and cc cream used for

what is bb and cc cream used for

Amazon Shoppers Say This $8 BB Cream Makes Them Look Like They Have ‘Flawless, Dewy, Younger Skin’

Mar 26,  · CC cream "can also be used as makeup primer layered underneath BB cream or foundation,” says Serra. “It’s great for those with acne, enlarged . BB cream is a marketing term that stands for blemish balm, blemish base, beblesh balm, and in Western markets, beauty healthgrabber.usts marketed as BB creams are generally designed to serve as a foundation, moisturizer, and sunscreen all at once. The marketing term "CC cream" was invented later and sometimes stands for Color Correction healthgrabber.usts marketed as CC creams claim to serve the .

Everyone dreams of having porcelain skinbut in reality, this is no easy task. Fortunately, there ceeam several options that can help conceal imperfections and give you a bright, even complexion.

The main purpose of tinted moisturizer is to hydrate your skin, while BB and CC creams actually target skin issues to perfect your skin while smoothing out imperfections with a bit more pigmentation than your average tinted moisturizer. Here's everything you need to know about the differences between BB and CC creams, including how to apply them, benefits, and what each is used for.

It's " a multi-step skincare regimen in one application [that] provides more coverage than tinted moisturizer. CC cream is an improved version of BB cream, lighter but what should i wear for a job interview more coverage.

It's "the holy grail of coverage, blurring lines, pores and wrinkles [with the] most natural looking finish — almost undetectable. But I use it on virtually everyone because it feels so light, looks anf natural and crean so many steps in one application. That said, it has multitude of uses. For those with oily skintry a powder foundation, or look for the words, matte or oil-free. Product Reviews. Home Ideas. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

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Oct 22,  · Meanwhile, CC cream has more coverage than BB cream. It’s also lighter and more matte, so it’s best for oily and acne-prone skin. Most CC . May 16,  · The difference between CC cream and BB cream lies in the texture: whereas CC creams are lighter in texture than BB creams, they still allow for a foundation-like coverage. The concept behind a good CC cream is to even out blotchiness, redness, or hyperpigmentation of the skin while adding ingredients to calm redness and promote radiance. The best BB cream, CC cream and foundation for mature skin. Don't know the difference between BB cream and CC cream?Not sure what coverage is right for you? When it comes to makeup, there's a fine line between a great base and a cake face.

Size 1. It looks like me only better. My skin is good, so I don't need foundation. This CC cream enhances, gives me a better version of me, and represents what I believe in: natural, glowing, healthy, simple, affordable, skin benefits, good for my sensitive skin.

It doesn't age me like some make up can. In fact, it makes me look younger I feel. I'm 46, and I already look years younger then what I am, and I don't want make up adding years to me, and I like how it blends in, just looks like a second skin or better put, bare but better. I love it.

I doubt I'll ever use anything else! I tried Clinique years ago and didn't like the orange undertones. I decided to give this one a try because of the Ulta rep's recommendation. The orange undertones are still there and i tried a CC cream thinking got would be similar to a tinted moisturizer except with color correction. I was wrong, it felt like a foundation and I felt the layer of makeup on my skin the whole day.

Furthermore, I have oily skin and mentioned this to the Ulta rep and this only increased oil production. I was very oily by mid-day, so much that I started to wash my face and just moisturize for the remainder of the day. Maybe this product isn't made for oily skin? I'm not sure but I'm just relaying my experience. Being a person that has not worn anything but moisturizer for the past 2 years and trying to find a new makeup regime, I definitely do not recommend this product if you want your skin to "breath" during the day as I have become accustomed to.

When I was using this product I felt like I had put a blanket over my face and it wasn't "breathing" as it was before. I used to use full coverage foundation, but in my old age full coverage foundation just settles into my fine lines and makes me look even more aged than I do.

I wanted to love this cream but it's almost chalky when applying. It did dry my skin. It does provide coverage but I don't know that it's worth it. After reading reviews for a couple months, I finally decided to try this. I have to say I'm pretty impressed.

A lot of reviews complained of it being too thick. I find it to be between foundation and tinted moisturizer, consistency wise. I like it. It evens out the red in my face and leaves a slight glow. Not too a shiney or heavy feeling. Perfect for everyday use. Only complaint, for "moisture surge" I feel like it could use more moisture.

I love this product. I used to use clinique and Kat von d full coverage but foundation is starting to feel too thick and heavy. I'm 36 and aging and I feel like full coverage foundation settles into my wrinkles and makes them look worse than they are. I wanted to give cc cream and this is what I settled on. It is literally so much better than foundation.

The coverage is great. I use a brush; if you use a sponge it will soak up so much product. It doesn't make my skin look or feel aged. It doesn't feel like I'm wearing makeup at all. It really is so much better than foundation. I also wore this all day on a boat and didn't get even a touch of a sunburn. I went over all the reviews prior to my purchase.

This is my first ever Ulta or beauty product review. Let me tell you this does everything it says it will. I purchased the light shade and it looks exactly as my own skin. I have blue eyes and blonde hair with a pink undertone and some redness. This takes all my redness away and makes my skin look flawless. I did heed others warnings and applies with a foundation brush.

You will need to do this as it is pretty thick. I put it on and out of the blue my husband looked over and said your skin is glowing it's beautiful.

I looked in the mirror he was right. If you are on the fence try this I think you will like it. This has been my go to for years now! Doesn't break me out or clog pores at all. It's okay, goes on really thick and doesn't stay on for long, I don't use it very often.. I'll just stick with my bb cream from it cosmetics. It is super heavy and hard to apply. I imagined it being more like a moisturizer with a bit of tint. However, it is MUCH for like a thick foundation that doesnt spread easily.

Really a poor choice if youre looking for a daily moisturizer with sunscreen. I have combination skin, so it's very hard to find something with good coverage that doesn't dry out certain areas of my skin, while clogging up other areas. This CC Cream provides a natural, flawless finish. I also have fair olive-toned skin, so it is usually difficult to find makeup that isn't pink toned.

This is absolutely perfect! It blends so well, even when blending with your fingers. Thank you, Clinique, for always providing the best makeup and skincare products for all different skin types, especially those of with sensitive skin!

This was the 2nd CC cream that I tried. I originally purchased the IT cosmetics CC cream, and immediately returned it. It highlighted any fine line or imperfection on my skin. The Clinique CC cream does the opposite. It's definitely not full coverage, but it does even out my skin tone and provide light to medium coverage. The added perk is the built-in sunscreen. I've been using their facial sunscreen on days when I'm by the water and not wearing any make up, and it's also been very easy on my acne prone skin.

I usually opt not to wear foundation because I've struggled trying to find a foundation that blends well and doesn't look cakey on my face. I'm acne prone, so finding something that doesn't clog my pores has been very difficult. This CC cream feels light in comparison to others I've tried, and lasts throughout the day. In conjunction with my other skin care system, it doesn't make my face oily throughout the day. Something I learned during a facial was that oil fights oil.

Because of that I use the Aveda Tulasara oil a few times a week at bedtime and my oily skin is a thing of the past. You just need to stay moisturized and balanced because your skin starts overproducing oil when it's dry. I was beginning to lose hope that I would find a CC cream or foundation that worked with my particular skin, but this one is definitely a winner. I recommend this product to anyone who wants light coverage and wants a more natural look. Personally it's not a horrible product but it's definitely not worth the money also this shade range is horrible they need to make more darker shades!

I love that it has spf and it is a good everyday Cc cream if you don't want heavy foundation. I use a sponge and tap it. The color selection is too limited. It could be better. I wanted to love this. Smoothing, moisturizing, gentle, color balancing, and sun-protective. But the "Light" shade is still too domineering and peachy for my fair skin. I'll have to shop another website for the Very Light option until Ulta expands the range.

I've been using this product for about a few weeks and it leaves my skin feeling dry about halfway through the day. I tried using the product with moisturizer and even coconut oil underneath and nothing helps alleviate the dry feeling. Very disappointed with this product and the lack of shades available. As an avid makeup lover and wearer, I was very disappointed in this product.

The employee recommended it to me, as I have acne prone combination skin. She swatched it on my face and I looked in a mirror.

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