What does sony music entertainment do

what does sony music entertainment do

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Apr 21,  · The "HOME ENTERTAINMENT" version can be seen only on the VHS of Blue Streak, the VHS of Love Stinks, the DVD of the Japanese animated Metropolis (possibly some prints, others use the CTHE logo with DVD music), the VHS of The Winslow Boy, the DVD of Jill the Ripper, the DVD of Jackie Chan is the Prisoner, the. Do not turn off the TV. Do not disconnect the USB cable. Do not remove the USB device. The data on the USB device may be damaged. Sony will not be held liable for any damage to, or loss of, data on the recording media due to a malfunction of any connected devices or the TV. The file name and folder name may not display correctly in some cases.

Logo: The same as the Columbia Pictures "Sunburst" theatrical logo, but there is a video freeze at the end, with " Columbia Pictures " blacked out by the words:.

Availability: Rare. Surprisingly, this logo also appeared on early to mid '80s video prints of Gerald McBoing Boing and Mr. Magoo cartoons. Starting in latevideocassettes di Columbia Pictures films go straight to the logo used at the time a practice that lasted until Editor's Note: The " Columbia Pictures " company name can be briefly seen if one plays the logo in slow-motion and watches carefully.

Logo: On a black background, a white-bordered what does sony music entertainment do appears. In it are two black rounded rectangles, with the first bearing the " RCA " logo in redand the second having the Columbia Pictures print logo in a blue arch-shaped border what does sony music entertainment do "Columbia Pictures" below.

Availability: Very rare. This logo has been spotted as late as the releases of About Last Zony Logo: On a black background, we entertwinment a rotating cube, featuring the same logo as stated above on each side either sojy, 3, or 4 sides. A white sparkle appears on the side as it rotates. Nice effects, but pales in comparison to its international counterpart. Strangely, this plaster is retained on a Showtime airing from December presumably Showtime used a transfer of a video master in this case.

Entetrainment Uncommon, bordering on Rare. This logo is slightly easier to come across, seeing that it is more recent. However, this logo was only used in the United States and Canada.

Again, Columbia releases go straight to the movie what does sony music entertainment do the last release to do so was Ghostbusters II. Also, from tothis logo was restricted to the coming attractions part of the entertainmnt.

Sometimes, the box has a whaat border, other times, it doesn't have one. Availability: Despite it being used for nearly muxic years, it is extremely hard to come across in North America.

Also seen on UK rental releases of Macbeth and D. Logo: On a black background, a 3D cube comes up from the screen. Then the Columbia Pictures print logo in blue and white swoops up from the bottom. The cube spins once and settles down, facing the viewers. Sometimes it is silent. It was only used on video releases outside North America.

Editor's Note: Decent CGI for the time and a catchy theme that easily trumps the efforts of the logos domestic territories used. Logo: On a black background, we see how much does it cost to have a colonoscopy privately split rectangle. This is a placeholder logo, created for temporary use while the next version was in development, but wasn't ready for use. Editor's Note: While this uses the s print logos for Columbia and TriStar, this is clearly identifiable as the CT box motif, which would be used for the next fifteen years to represent both the How to make your own web hosting business Video and Television divisions.

Logo: On a white background, we see two boxes outlined with a black border. What is the definition for rising action the left is one featuring a newly-done Torch Lady, and on the right is a newly-done Pegasus on a Columbia-like cloud background. For the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon variant, the opening of the promo. This is just another placeholder logo, but this time they've actually designed the new logos.

Mksic is one of the first appearances of the new "Sony Logos" for each company, along with Columbia and TriStar's respective television divisions. Interestingly, early videos with this logo would use the print version of the previous logo. Editor's Note: This would be the first appearance besides the television divisions of the newly redone Columbia TriStar logos, about entrrtainment year before the movies would get their own animated versions.

Logo: We see a screen full of clouds forming, tossing about. The box then splits apart to reveal the Torch Lady on the left in its same style as beforeand the Pegasus on the right again, the same style as how to get a po addressas the wording takes its position.

The text shines for a few seconds after the logo is formed. Trailer Variants: Many times, musjcthe boxes would then slide away, entertainmfnt CTHV text would fade out, the blue background would fade dooes to the moving clouds and one of the following phrases would zoom in from the center of the screen:. Afterwards, a trailer with one of the following features would entertwinment played.

Beginning inthe 7th logo's trailer variants were used instead. On Australian tapes, enrertainment logos msuic fade out and one of these:. The last note of the theme is held out for the rest of the logo.

Availability: Very common, how to update facebook account to new look today. Also seen on some tapes released dooes Canada by Astral Video after the Astral logo during the mids, including Demon Possessed. This also makes an appearance on early copies of the VHS of Stuart Little released to coincide with Stuart Little 2which is certainly a entertainmsnt of the earlier release.

Strangely, this does not appear on the VHS of Red Rock West ; it just goes straight to the warning screen. Also appears on the VHS muskc Annieas well as a reprint, likely since they just reissued the late s release without bothering to update anything on the tape itself.

Don't expect this to appear on international DVDs of the period, as they'll plaster it with the music version shat the 7th logo with some exceptions, eg. This appeared on international enteftainment from Editor's Note: This is a very popular logo among many, and was used longer than any other Columbia TriStar logo. It has what does sony music entertainment do some criticism for its longevity.

Logo: We start out against an antique gold fabric background. Then a square with the footage of the Columbia Torch Lady in it fades in, and slides to the left, revealing a box with the entegtainment of the TriStar Pegasus but the background is changed into a similar cloud background from the Columbia logo, but a bit shorter and darkerwhich slides to the right.

Variant: On some releases, the background is replaced with a background of tossing clouds from the 3rd logo and so name and byline are navy blue. The variant was seen on several domestic and international promos of home video releases by CTHV. Other tapes with this logo include Persuasion and Money Train.

Logo: On a taupe brown background, we see a row of gold print logos of the Torch Lady and Son in boxes doo an angle. The What is a company profile and TriStar boxes in their similar styles from the 4th logo, but this time, they are still and not animatedthen rise out of two of the boxes in the center as the misic of boxes tilts to face the screen. Trailer Variants: Ssony times, the boxes would then slide away, the CTHV text would fade out, and one of the following phrases, in script, would zoom in from the center of the logo:.

It was used wuat only 2 years. Sometimes it was alternated with the blue background logo, so as always, keep your eye out. The shorter version appeared on Jumanji there was an ad for Sony Maximum Television sets, followed by a trailer bumper immediately after and Jerry Maguire only some prints, others used the 3rd dhat instead. This version also appears on the 1st DVD of A League of Their Own the same master was used for a bargain bin reprint and a double-feature repackaging with Sleepless in Seattle [the DVD label specifies a copyright, indicating the reprint].

Availability: Extremely rare. However, it was, after all, a placeholder. Logo: On an what does sony music entertainment do blue background, we see filmstrips crisscrossing the screen, with each doss in each filmstrip featuring the C-T box logo.

We see a filmstrip in the center of the screen and then pan towards it, seeing the boxes in each frame and the endings of their respective movie animations playing out within them. As the final frame reaches the screen, the background turns white with several blue areas in each corner as the boxes with the footage of the Torch Lady from the Columbia Pictures logo on the left and the footage of the Pegasus from the TriStar Pictures logo on the right go entetainment position.

On The Second Jungle Book: Mowgli and Balooit uses the music from the 5th logo the screener VHS used the extended jingle over the normal logo by itself, while the retail copy used the shortened version at the beginning of a promo for Zony.

Availability: During the beginning of its existence, wgat was pretty easy to spot. However, around how to remove feeds from windows live mail, this logo was no longer used as their standard logo.

The trailer variants, however, continued to be used until the 9th dods introduction in This logo was used for most international releases during this time international Doess used this logo from however. Smith Goes to Washington and Grey Owl. See the availability section for the next logo for entertaknment information. The last tape dkes use this was Circus. Reprints of both of these films use the 9th logo instead.

The clouds clear, revealing a nice backdrop of clouds and two white, glowing boxes. As the light in the boxes die down, enterfainment Columbia Torch Lady zooms in towards us in the left box, and we see the Pegasus in his similar style from the TriStar Pictures logostretch his wings in the right box, as the wings cross over to the Columbia box.

An ethereal humming noise as the boxes are revealed and animate. As the TriStar Pegasus unfolds and stretches his wings, we hear a low whoosh sound. Last, a phaser sound as the certain text moves into place and we hear chime sounds. Availability: It's seen on most DVD releases of the time; prior to this, they used the logo international DVDs used the logo with music before this logo debuted in internationally. Don't expect to see this logo on International VHS releases, as they use the logo with music.

Also intact on the Australian DVD Reprint of Almost Famouswhich is a reprint from the original Australian DVD which is strange, as the Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment Print Logo is featured on the front cover, back how to increase the resolution of a photo, spine and disc it could mean that this logo was used in tandem with the 1st music variant of the next logo below in international regions.

This also shows up on the Australian DVD of Annie versionand its reprint, which is strange, as the C-T Home Mjsic print logo is seen on the front cover although this could be as a result of the DVD having meant to be released in aroundbut it was delayed until Editor's Note: If this blew your mind like we said previously, wait until you see the successor to these logos below Logo: Over the usual cloud background, we pan past an extreme close up of the Torch Lady's legs and feet covered in the robe of coursethen dissolve into a pan of the TriStar Pegasus in the print artwork style except for the body and the legs, which are in the movie logo style, but in the same color as the Pegasus' face and wings unfolding his wings.

The pan then quickly dissolves into a shot from the center of the Pegasus unfolding his wings, albeit in a close-up fashion, entetrainment then a dissolve to the Torch Lady zooming out from her face.

Trailer Variants: Many times, letters would appear on top of the screen, and it, in regular font, with an announcer Eric Gordonwould state the following on VHS promos, half of the logo is playing in widescreen and the words are on the wide boxes :.

On demo VHS tapes, the letters do not fade in above the trailer version of the logo at the beginning of the tape before the trailers. Throughout the animation, the logos are artistically stylized, with mosaic and pixelization effects being used through the logo and a scrolling Matrix-like what does sony music entertainment do musoc typography appearing throughout.

The dissolves are done gradually, almost like wipes, and the logo seems to be divided up into five sections during the animation, before coming together as an actual logo at the how much does a vasectomy cost in australia. It's quite the artistic and beautiful logo, especially one to impress. Some of them are still in print.

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