Nvidia 3d vision what is it

nvidia 3d vision what is it

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The NVIDIA 3D Vision products supports the leading 3D products available on the market, including Hz desktop LCD monitors, 3D projectors, and DLP HDTVs (complete list of supported displays). The NVIDIA 3D Vision driver can process any game to support all of these displays, so specifics of the display are isolated from the application and game developers don't need to worry about the details. 3D vision ready display means nvidia certified monitor or a projector, which are true hz. You also have to use nvidia 3d kit, other glasses wont work. I believe your television is really just 60hz so its not supported. However, nvidia 3d features also 3dtv play, which is bit of a different from "3d vision".

As its name implies, the technology uses two images stereo presented independantly to both the left and right eyes. Being rendered in real time, 3D games feature environments drawn and detailed with available depth information. Using custom software to alter the way in which a game is rendered on-the-fly, NVIDIA is able to take that depth information and create two different images to be displayed independantly to each eye.

In order to ensure the flickering remains how to root firefly gt200 to the human eye, the 3D Vision glasses require the use of a display capable of a Hz refresh rate. Today, those displays are few and far between and relatively expensive when compared to the widely available 60Hz alternatives. Armed with plenty of potential, it can provide dazzling 3D imagery in the right scenario, and little more than a headache when used with less-compatible games.

A week later it will feature in third party reviews, before public release the next day. It is using a newish 'Known Issue Rollback' technique to withdraw the faulty updates.

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Upgrade your PC to a fully immersive stereoscopic 3D gaming experience with NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision. A combination of high-tech wireless glasses and advanced software, the GeForce 3D Vision kit transforms hundreds of PC games, 3D movies, and digital 3/5(24). May 07,  · Today we talk about 3D on pc, and if the technology from Nvidia is now healthgrabber.us The Techie Family Today: healthgrabber.us The NVIDIA 3D Vision Video Player will let you experience immersive 3D movies with NVIDIA 3D Vision. This software is installed when you run the NVIDIA 3D Vision Demonstration Disc. For a list of 3D movies to download, please check out the 3D Movies Demo page.

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GeForce Forums. Discover Support Search Quit being a lurker! Join the community and customize your feed. Join Now or Login. All Topics. Feature Requests. Sort by. By Recency Recency Votes Hot. Filters 2. Mark as read. Helifax How do I delete a custom resolution. Shift-E Fallout 76 - BETA. List of 3D Vision Ready hardware. A Plague Tale: Innocence. DarkStarSword Announcement: 3D Vision Discord. Monitor with nvidia 3D vision.

System-wide 3D Vision Activation. PC blu-ray drive compatible 3D. D-Man11 4. D-Man11 Help with a gtx sli vs gtx This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. What is a "3D Vision Ready Display"? Search Join Now Login. Sort By. Forum Actions. Report Post. You also have to use nvidia 3d kit, other glasses wont work. I believe your television is really just 60hz so its not supported. However, nvidia 3d features also 3dtv play, which is bit of a different from "3d vision".

Its basically same driver, but you use your tv's 3d glasses and you have to purchase 3dtv license. Theres a trial, test before purchasing to make sure your tv is supported. So, my next question is, since I found a way to make my hdtv accept hz connections and it can successfully display them at hz, would Nvidia 3D Vision work with this setup, or might I just be wasting money on something guaranteed to fail? If it's not recognised, it won't work.

There are apparently hacks to change the EDID and force it to work, you could look into that perhaps. What model of Aquos do you have? It should support 3D itself, and thus you would use their glasses.

Jan Anyway, I assume it means I need a "3D-Ready" television or monitor, is that correct? If that's the case, then I'm very disappointed because I currently use a 70" Sharp Aquos Quattron television with x resolution, 4ms response time, and hz as my monitor, but it's not 3D-ready! What I find most unnerving about this when I used to own a wired pair of 3D glasses from Nvidia years back before the advent of 3D televisions , that they had no problems at all working on CRT's, AND, the "newest" version at the time, which I didn't purchase more than ten-years ago, supported LCD's?

All it required was the IR base to transmit to the glasses, the glasses to be plugged in hence wired , and an Nvidia video card which turned your display into a 3D display without the need of a "3D-ready" set. All Results.

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