How to upgrade my laptop processor

how to upgrade my laptop processor

How to Upgrade a LAPTOP CPU (& Other Cool Stuff !) to Turn SLOW/DEAD Laptop to a FAST Laptop !

Apr 11,  · First, unplug all the power and data cables from your PC and move it to your workspace. Remove the screws holding the left-side access panel from the case—these are on the back of the machine, screwed into the edge. You can then slide the access panel off and set it Michael Crider. The i3 and i5 CPU's have a built-in graphics processing unit (GPU) so as my laptop does not have a graphics card slot physically inside the laptop, so i opted to upgrade to an i5 CPU, best i could find for Socket G1 (rPGA) - but if i did have a physical graphics card slot on my laptop motherboard, there is an i7 CPU for my socket number that.

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HP Customer Support. Select your model. How does HP install software and gather data? This document can help in removing and replacing a how to take pictures of nail polish. Use it in addition to the information that comes with a new processor. Be sure to read the instructions that come with the new processor before installing.

Before you begin Make sure you have a processor that is compatible with your motherboard. For more information, see Step 1: Determining which processors how to upgrade my laptop processor compatible with the motherboard. If adding or reusing a processor-cooling fan, get a tube of thermal grease from the local computer supply store. Use an antistatic wrist strap and a conductive foam pad to eliminate or reduce damage from static electricity.

Be careful not to slide skin along any interior metal edge of the computer. To reduce the chance of ESD damage, ky over proocessor non-carpeted floor, use a static dissipative work surface such as a conductive foam padand wear an ESD wrist strap connected to a grounded surface.

Step 1: Determining which processors are compatible with the motherboard Before getting a new processor, find out if it is compatible with your motherboard.

For most HP and Compaq desktop computers, the product specifications page lists the types of processors that are compatible with the motherboard.

For some models, you must check the motherboard specifications. Go to the product specifications page for your computer model. To find the specifications, type the computer model and the word "specifications" into the Question or keywords field at the top of this page. Press the Enter key or click the arrows next to the Question or keywords field. In the product specifications page, look for a section titled Processor upgrade information.

If the specifications do not have a section titled Processor upgrade informationfollow these steps to find the information:. Type the name of the motherboard and the word "specifications" into the Question or keywords field how to upgrade my laptop processor the top of this page.

On the motherboard specifications page, look hpgrade a CPU or Processor section and take note of the information listed. Click the plus sign next to Processor upgrade information and view the information. Do not try to install a processor with a higher TDP than listed in the specifications. Socket type - The processor must use the type listed here. Motherboard supports the following processor upgrades - Install a processor from one of the series listed.

What makes poop soft and mushy 2: Opening the case Once you have a compatible processor, you are ready to replace the processor. Follow these steps to begin the process and open the computer case:. Figure : Example of possible screw location s. If you have trouble removing the panels, go to the HP Support sitetype your computer model number, and type taking apartor opening case into the text box.

Otherwise, continue to the next step. Step 3: Removing the fan duct and power supply The processor sits behind a fan duct on many computers. If the computer has a fan duct, remove the fan duct before removing the processor. On some computers, the power supply also prevents access to the processor. Perform the procesxor steps to temporarily remove these obstructions:. Gently lay the computer on its side with the open area easily accessible.

Find the fan duct. It is located peocessor the processor and attached to the inside back of the case. If the fan is attached with screws, remove them and remove the fan duct. If the fan duct is attached with tabs, use a slotted screwdriver to gently pry back what is the best bodyboard brand tab while gently pulling out on the fan duct at the same time. Pry on each tab until you can rotate and remove the fan duct.

Figure : Fan duct tabs. Unplug the fan's wires from the motherboard. Note the location of the connector on the motherboard because you must reattach the wires later. The power supply is a gray rectangular box with many wires coming out of it, and is usually attached to the inside back of ohw computer case.

If the power supply is located over the processor, remove the four screws and, without disconnecting the wires, set the power supply aside, preferably on the CD drive bay. Lxptop not place the power supply on the proceseor. Step 4: Removing and prcessor the processor Motherboards have either a slot or socket connector for the processor.

The instructions for removing and installing a processor differ between the two types. Depending on the socket type, use one of the next two sections to remove and install a processor. To determine the exact type of connector type on the motherboard, refer to the product specifications for your computer model. To find the specifications for your computer, type the model number and specifications. Processor connector types. Remove and install a socket type processor Use the following steps to remove and install a processor from a flat style of socket:.

If the processor has a fan that is mounted on its cooling fins, unplug the fan wires from the motherboard. How to upgrade my laptop processor where the fan wires connect on the motherboard because you must reattach the fan wires later.

Remove the processor cooling assembly by unlatching any levers on the fan assembly or detaching any retaining clips with a small flat bladed screw driver.

Examples of processor fan retaining devices. Figure : Lifting the cooling fan. Use the processor retaining device to unlock the processor from the socket. The retaining device might be a plastic arm on the side of the socket, a cover that fits down around the sides of the processor, or other device. The following graphics show the most common retaining devices:.

Figure : Lifting the processor. Match the processor to the socket. There is one corner that is different. Use this corner to align the pins on the processor with the holes in the socket. Figure : Corner with fewer pins. With the retainment device in the unlocked how to upgrade my laptop processor, insert the prpcessor processor into the socket.

The processor sits down against the bottom of the socket. Figure : Applying thermal grease. Plug the wires from the cooling fan into the connector on the motherboard and continue to the next step. Remove and install a slot type processor To what channel is the usa soccer game on cox and install a processor with a slot connector, use the following processo. If the processor has a fan, unplug the fan wires from the motherboard.

Note where the fan wires connect mt the motherboard because you must reattach the wires later. Press in on the handles no sooner spoken than broken. what am i on woozworld the top corners of the processor while gently pulling out on the processor.

The processor and cooling fan, if present slides up and out, leaving two plastic guideposts that stick out from the motherboard. Figure : Slot Processor retaining tabs. Slide the new processor down between the guideposts and press it firmly into the connector. The handles move out and snap into place when the processor is fully seated and the cooling fins point towards the inside of the motherboard. Step 5: Reassembling the computer Use the following steps to reassemble the computer:.

If the power supply was removed, reattach it to the inside back of the case with four screws. If the fan duct was removed, reattach it to the inside back of the case by inserting the fan duct's tabs into its slots or by replacing the fan duct's screws.

Slide any swing-out or slide-out bays back into position. Make sure that no cables are touching the processor fan. Slide the case panels back into their respective slots in the sides of the computer. Figure : Sliding the case panels back into place. Reinstall all the cables into upgrave back of the computer. Plug the power cord in last. Select a location. Europe, Middle East, Africa.

Asia Pacific and Oceania.

2. (Optional) Back up your data.

Aug 23,  · Here is the general procedure for upgrading a processor in a windows based that this procedure greatly depends on the type of laptop you have. V. Sep 11,  · It is only worth upgrading the processor if the laptop CPU upgrade is very important, for example, moving from an i3 to an i5 processor. Don’t do the update just because of a faster clock speed. Usually, a CPU update requires the laptop .

Sometimes you may find your laptop runs slowly and the performance reduces. To get better PC performance, you may want to upgrade your laptop. Can you upgrade a laptop? To get this answer, read this post. MiniTool will show you whether you can upgrade a laptop RAM, processor, graphics card, or hard drive, as well as how to upgrade the laptop.

If you have been using a laptop for a few years, you know whether you should upgrade or replace it. When your find the performance is poor, storage space is not enough or RAM is low, and the cost is a fraction of the cost of a new computer, it is time to upgrade the laptop.

Here come two questions from you: is my laptop upgradable? What should I upgrade on my laptop? See the following contents to get the answers.

Unlike a desktop, it is not easy to upgrade a laptop. Today a laptop is designed to be sealed. Many components are tightly packed together and you need to remove many other components if you need to replace certain parts. Desktop vs laptop: which one should you choose? Now you can know some pros and cons of them from this post to make a decision. What you can upgrade in a laptop depends on the manufacturer and the model of the laptop. Usually, the common upgrades that can work are the RAM, hard drive, and battery.

Adding more memory can really boost productivity and multi-tasking while upgrading to an SSD can have an enormous impact on your performance. Changing a laptop battery is helpful when it dies. Here we list some common laptop upgrade questions and the answers to each of these questions. Adding more memory is the easiest and most accessible way to upgrade your PC and almost every laptop allows you to upgrade RAM without much tech know-how.

You can open a compartment on the bottom of the laptop and replace the existing memory or add an additional stick of memory. A laptop memory upgrade can boost PC performance if it is running slow. For video editing or gaming tasks, the more RAM you have, the better it is. With enough RAM, you can run more apps in the background and open several tabs in a browser. Most of the time, you buy the memory for the laptop via the manufacturer that also makes compatible memory for many new laptops.

If you have a question about the memory specification or how to upgrade RAM, contact the laptop vendor. Some laptop manufacturers allow you to upgrade the processor. But the laptop CPU upgrade is very expensive and there may be compatibility issues.

A processor is expensive and you may also need to upgrade your motherboard and buy new RAM. It is only worth upgrading the processor if the laptop CPU upgrade is very important, for example, moving from an i3 to an i5 processor. Usually, a CPU update requires the laptop manufacturer or authorized repair shop to perform and you cannot do it by yourself.

Here are some ways to replace or change them without fresh install. Some high-performance laptop vendors offer some modules that allow you to upgrade the video card or graphics accelerator of the laptop.

If you are using these laptops, you can upgrade the graphics card. Otherwise, the laptop GPU upgrade is not possible. See a Guide! Usually, you upgrade a hard drive due to two reasons: the disk space is not enough or you want faster PC performance. If you do many things to free up the disk space but still regularly run out of the space, switching to a large hard drive is necessary. A full disk can let you not save new data and also impact the performance. Most laptops allow you to replace the hard disk to a larger one and even replace the HDD with an SSD since the solid-state drive can offer better performance for your laptop.

If you are also asking this question, you can find the answer after reading this part. Just share the related information with your friends on Twitter. To know whether your laptop is upgradeable and what parts you need to upgrade, the best way is to use a tool like Crucial System Advisor. Step 1: Go to the website of this tool. Step 2: Select your manufacturer, product line, and model. Then, click Find my computer. Since this tool comes from Crucial, the products of Crucial are recommended to you.

But if you take note of the specifications, you can buy memory or SSD from other manufacturers. If you ask this question, you can read this post to get the answer. Just follow the guide to check the RAM type. After knowing whether you can upgrade your laptop, now it is time to perform the update. In this part, we will show you some detailed information on how to upgrade your RAM and hard drive. A laptop memory upgrade is an easy job and you can follow these steps below to replace the old RAM with a new one you have purchased.

See the Simple Guide Now! To upgrade your disk to an SSD, you can use a professional hard drive cloning software to clone all the contents of the original disk to the SSD and then replace the old disk with the SSD. This can avoid reinstalling the Windows operating system and transfering data. It is not only PC backup software but also disk cloning software. With its Clone Disk feature, you can easily move everything system settings, system files, registry, personal data, documents, etc.

The SSD can be used to directly boot the system. Free Download. Step 1: Launch MiniTool ShadowMaker and it will enter an interface where you need to click Back up Now to enter the interface of this trial edition. Step 2: Navigate to the Tools page, click Clone Disk to continue.

Step 3: Click the corresponding sections, choose the source disk and target disk, and click OK. A window prompts to tell you the cloning will erase the target disk, so make sure no important data is saved to your SSD.

This will take some time and wait patiently. After finishing the disk cloning, shut down your laptop, open the back panel, remove the original hard drive, and put the SSD to the original place.

Purchasing a graphics card is expensive and you may not perform a GPU upgrade. But you can follow these tips below to make custom settings to boost your gaming performance and experience to achieve some level of upgrade. Also, how to upgrade a laptop is introduced to you.

Just perform the update based on your actual situations by following the guide mentioned above. On the other hand, if you have any questions or suggestions, let us know by contacting [email protected] or leaving a comment below. Download Shadowmaker. How to Upgrade It! See the Guide! Can You Upgrade a Laptop? Facebook Twitter Linkedin Reddit Summary : Sometimes you may find your laptop runs slowly and the performance reduces.

See Pros and Cons to Decide! Read More. A Simple Guide for You! Follow the Guide Now! Many laptops can be upgraded. And on older laptops, the update is easier since they are bulkier and often more friendly to upgrade. When the laptop runs really slowly or you want to execute new tasks that need much processing power than you have, it is not worth upgrading a laptop. A new computer may be what you need.

What can I upgrade on my laptop to make it faster? Upgrading your RAM or hard drive is helpful to make the laptop faster. The more memory, the faster the PC. How do I know if I can upgrade my laptop? You can use Crucial System Advisor to perform a laptop upgrade check and this tool will tell you if your laptop is un-upgradable.

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