How to play resonator slide guitar

how to play resonator slide guitar

Slide Guitar For Beginners

Oct 22,  · Most resonator guitars, either played like a standard guitar or with a slide are played fingerstyle. Fingerstyle is a term used to describe picking individual strings with your thumb, index and middle finger, rather than with a single plectrum. For the slide, it . Oct 03,  · RICHARD GILEWITZ: FREE GUITAR LESSONS:

A Resonator Guitar is tuned and played much like a standard guitar, with a few key differences depending. While many people play a resonator guitar just like a standard guitar, they are generally more associated with playing slide or bottleneck guitar.

There are a few things that make slide guitar unique — one is obviously the slide, but also things like tuning and the type of picks used also should be how to play resonator slide guitar. Most resonator guitars, either what does the word invocation mean like a standard guitar or with a slide are played fingerstyle.

Fingerstyle is a term used to describe picking individual strings with your thumb, index and middle finger, rather than with a single plectrum. For the slide, it is placed usually on the ring or pinky finger. With the slide on the strings you need to place other fingers one the strings behind it in order to damped vibrations of the slide. Many players how to hook up a bose 901 equalizer to play with finger picks that provide more volume and attack.

If you tune on Open E you will be tuning the strings a full step higher than standard how to play resonator slide guitar. Click here to learn more about resonator guitar strings. If you move the slide up to the 5th fret, you will have an A chord, if you move up two more frets from that, to the 7th fret, you will have a Guitaar chord. Those are the three chords of any blues in E. In Delta blues style guitar, which is some of the most popular music played on resonator guitars, it is extremely common to have an alternating bass pattern played on the low strings while just a few of the upper strings are picked in a more syncopated fashion.

Many resonator players use plastic and plaj fingers picks to get more huitar and dexterity slive playing slide. From there, the trick is to just listen and practice. There are hundreds of free videos on YouTube that will help you get started or learn a new trick.

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All Things Related to the Resonator Guitar

The Resonator Guitar is a well known blues sound. You'll find almost every modern bluesman experimenting with this guitar on their recordings. It has the metallic sound that works well with slide or fingers. Here we'll take a look at what it is and how it works.

The Fender is a little bit thinner and brighter, a sparkling sound, while the Gibson is just a full-tilt screech. So I eases up close enough to look, and I see what he has on his finger. I like that! Slide guitar is an essential part of the Blues, I had to start with it.

More than any other guitar technique it depends on the right feeling. The basics can be learned within a day, but to master it you need a long time. That means you can forget what you know about the fretboard and forget both your left and right hand techniques. You have to learn everything new. Open tunings see below give a different sound and have their advantages, but they are not better in every case. Open tuning is often used for Delta Blues on acoustic guitars, because you need the bass strings in correct tuning.

However, you have to damp some strings, which is usually done with the picking hand. Damping is more important in standard tuning, because you get dissonant intervals when the strings with all their overtones ring out. If you want to play much slide guitar, prepare a guitar just for this job. If you have an extra guitar only for slide, you can also try out the open tunings. If you have only one and play sometimes slide or want to switch between slide and normal playing, use the standard tuning.

Resonator guitars i. The advantage of slide guitar is that you can play it on old guitars with worn-out fretboards or even cheap guitars with bad adjusted frets. Slides are usually made of glass or metal.

In the early days of Blues the players also used a bone like Mississippi Fred McDowell, who gave some of his slide guitar secrets to Bonnie Raitt or a knife. A general rule is that heavier slide create a better sustain. The easiest and un-coolest way is to go into your guitar shop and buy one. The coolest way, but hard to play is using a bottle. Another way is to look around in your garage for a piece of tube, walk through a property market and look for heating copper tubes you can make about 20 slides of 1 meter tube!

You can also use the neck of a bottle another expression for slide guitar is bottleneck guitar. There are lots of things you can use Duane Allman, Derek Trucks and Rory Gallagher used a glass Coricidin medicine bottle, which unfortunately is no more produced, but you can get replicas! Which finger should I use for slide playing?

You have the choice between middle finger, ring finger and the pinky. The index finger does not work, because you need a least one finger to mute the other side of the strings. All fingers have advantages and disadvantages. As mentioned above most slide players use open tunings , especially on acoustic guitars when used for backing.

That means all strings are tuned in a way that the open string notes belong two a major or sometimes a minor chord. That does not necessarily mean that they are tuned note for note using a chord! Some notes can be left out. The advantage is that with open tunings you can play basic chords using the slide including the bass notes, whereas slide guitar in standard tuning is better for solo guitar.

Scales and chords for most open tunings can be found right here at the scale generator. If you miss a tuning, drop me a note. I strongly recommend to use this tool, especially if you like open tunings. It also has a slide mode, where the notes are placed over the frets. Which major chord has three open strings?

The G major chord uses the open D, G, B strings. That means, for any major chord in standard tuning we can use these strings. For example to play the A major chords simply put the slide above the second fret and pick these strings.

Often used major chords with these strings are:. Now we can do the same for the minor chords. E minor uses the open strings G-B-E, so we get the other chords in a similar way:. The scales are the same, but keep in mind that you have to position the slide right above the fret, not between. At first you have to put the slide on your finger. Try different sizes and fingers and play a simple note or chord.

Usually the slide should reach from the middle finger knuckle to the end of the fingertip. No need for extra long slides, you should only cover the strings played. Next, you must mute the not picked part of the string those from the slide to the headstock.

If not, it will vibrate also and produce unwanted sound. Depending on the slide finger, use the remaining fingers aside and press them gently upon the string. You need some time to adjust the pressure. This is also the reason why your index finger is not ideal for the slide.

Now we come to the slide itself. Now pick the string and move the slide slowly up and down. Play around with this to get a feeling for it. Try to play slow licks you know already. I played this years ago, it was my first slide try — nobody is perfect! Most slide players do that. You get a better control, speed is not necessary — the slide is limiting you. Slide into the notes. Start with the slide a little bit under the fret and than reach the note above the fret. This is a bit new at first, because usually the finger is pressed between the frets.

You actually play the vibrato below and up to, but not over the pitch or fret. Now we come to our first slide guitar lick in E. Noted in tab it looks like standard tuning! We start with a slide into the B note, 12th fret and let it ring while picking the E note.

We close the lick with the root note after a slide into the G note. And we were all beginners when we started. He told me that a bottle sounds different than a steel slide, and I think it does, so I copied him. Duane was one of my heroes and, in my opinion, he was the best slide player who ever lived.

He had such a great touch. This song from Marion Walter Jacobs, better known as the great harmonica player Little Walter , was played by EC and Duane Allman during the sessions for the Layla album in You can use heavy gauge strings because you release the tension on three strings. Maybe you have to adjust the neck a bit and raise the action. To tune it, you can use the scale generator or tune it manually: tune the E string one octave below the D string, the A string one octave below the G string and finally the high E string one octave above the D string.

Check it:. Here is the G minor Blues scale in open G tuning:. If you like the notes displayed or want to try the slide mode, visit the scale generator page. Try to play some well know Blues licks to learn this tuning. A simple lick to start walks from the V D to the root note using chord notes:. The intro already contains the main theme and can be played in two ways, depending on the strings used. The simple way this is for beginners! During the following vocals the chords are played with a slide, starting with a slide into the 12th fret I, G, root and including the bass line low G string!

With the V D on the 7th fret we can continue until , where the first solo starts:. The second solo contains the same themes than the first one. Statesboro is a town in Georgia. The song was covered by artists like Taj Mahal or David Bromberg, the most popular version is from the Allman Brothers Band and was released on the album At Fillmore East , one of the best live Blues rock albums of all time.

His performances with the Allman Brothers Band as well as on the Layla album are legend. Duane played most slide parts in open E, only a few songs where played in standard tuning like Dreams, Mountain Jam, Midnight Rider.

While he used a pick for fretted playing, he always played fingerstyle when using the slide. You get the main theme, which is the intro, you can develop your own variations, your version.

You can hear that there are many in-between notes which are hard to tab. During the song parts of the intro are used as filling licks. Try to play by ear, get a feeling for it. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.

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