How to open pdf file in samsung mobile

how to open pdf file in samsung mobile

2 easy ways to open PDF on Android (in 15 seconds)

Nov 08,  · About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Jun 20,  · Navigate to the file you want to convert and tap to open it. Depending on the file type, it will open in either Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Once the file’s opened, tap the “Options” menu. It’s the.

Anna Middleton Read more June 20, When Adobe created the Protected Document Format, it was with the noble goal of keeping files consistent and unchanged across all platforms. Fortunately, Android has great support for PDF manipulation. Thanks to a huge range of available apps, you can create and edit PDF files on your cell phone or tablet. One involves scanning a document and turning it how to open pdf file in samsung mobile a PDF. This is great if you want to archive some content for yourself or share it with someone else.

The other is when you want to how to make turkey pot pie crust a PDF from an existing document or a web page. Now simply browse to what is lol means on texting file destination chosen in step 8 to access your fresh PDF. There are many file types that you can turn into a PDF. These include images you can open from the Gallery app, certain Microsoft Office files, and more.

This is so you can open file formats such as. This may make them easier to read and save storage space. If you want to save a web page as a PDF, you can do it from any mobile web browser. Hopefully, now you know how to create PDF files in more ways than one. Being able to do this on your phone definitely improves productivity.

Just imagine the steps and time you can save by not having to use a scanner or printer. Have you managed to create a PDF on your Android device? Which method do you favor?

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Open, read and edit a pdf file on Samsung Galaxy S10

1 Go To Setting. 2 Find Apps. 3 Tap at option menu (Three dot on right top corner) 4 Select Default apps. 5 Check your default Browser app. For this example, Samsung Internet Browser is default browser. Note: If the apps you want to change is not in Default App list, please click here. Simply Enable USB Debugging from Developer mode in Android then plug in the USB cable and start browsing the file from PC. ===== In case you use a File Explorer like ES Explorer * Turn on Bluetooth. * open .

And I tell you that there are some factors that cause it. This type of question is usually asked by new android phone users and I will say that they have every right to do so, after all, they are new. As a new user, you get confused as to what is really the problem, what ie actually preventing the pdf from opening on my android smartphone.

This requires the user to go to the google play store, and download the pdf file app on the android phone. I got to notice that some of these low-end android smartphones tend not to come with a pre-installed pdf app.

Another cause of not being able to open a pdf file on your android maybe because of corrupt or bad pdf file app. You should know that the pdf file app installed on your android phone has gone bad or probably corrupt and should be replaced. Replacing it only involves you removing the corrupted pdf app, and going to the google play store to download a new one. Doing so will help you to open pdf files on your android phone. In order to verify and confirm that your pdf app installed on your phone is working, I recommend you to download another pdf file from a different source or website.

Open the pdf file and if it does open, then you should know that the other pdf file is bad or poorly formatted. The only solution is to download one from the Google play store.

I repeated from Google play store and not anyone you see on this app file sharing websites. Some of them installed a virus or Trojan into their apk files.

This is the best pdf file app that I do recommend to android users, and it is also available for ios users as well. Adobe acrobat reader for android which is offered by the popular adobe helps you to open and read pdf files on your android smartphone. No matter how big the pdf file size is, Adobe acrobat reader opens it with ease and very fast except if you have a very low ram.

One thing I like about Adobe acrobat reader for android the interface and navigation, and not only that, you can sign your signature on the pdf file. So far is only Adobe acrobat reader that offers such a feature. If you have an online form to fill, simply download the form and open Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your android phone and fill the form using the application. Apart from that, you can search, scroll, and zoom in and out on the pdf reader.

Also, you can comment on PDFs directly using sticky notes and drawing tools. There are lots of features that come with this pdf file app that makes it the best pdf file application for android phones and tablets.

This is another pdf file app for android that I love so much, and not only is for pdf reader, but also for docs, word, and excel.

This is quite similar to Adobe acrobat reader software in terms of commenting and sharing of pdf files from the application. To use its pdf signature, you will have to upgrade to the premium version.

But the app offers a free trial to enjoy some of its premium features. Lastly, you can easily add and remove the watermark in PDF file. This is also another of its premium features but can enjoy it on trial mode. Download and install them. To use these Microsoft apps are all for free as long as you using the android version. Download WPS Office for android and for your pdf reader.

To know the good ones, look at the one with higher ratings and a high number of downloads. You may think that this may not actually work and not the cause of your problem, but the truth is that it does happen.

Sometimes, this normally happens. This has happened to and I noticed that it was caused by the browser I was using to download the file. Switched to another browser and downloaded the file again, and the file opened.

If the pdf file you downloaded is corrupt, it will show file corrupt or corrupted. If again it shows file corrupted after using another browser to download the file, then be rest assured that the problem is from the owner and the upload. Every android smartphone will definitely open any type of pdf file thrown to it, but when the phone has a ram of mb or a maximum of 1GB opening large pdf files becomes a problem. Then I was using the Samsung galaxy s4 along with my s8, opening large pdf files on my Samsung galaxy s3 was a big war, it was so difficult and hardly opens.

Again if your android phone is running on these old android versions, chances that you may not be able to run a pdf app on it. This also makes it difficult for one to use them to open pdf files on their android phones.

Not having a pdf file app is the major cause of not being able to open or run pdf files on android. I bet the solutions here will definitely help you out in solving your pdf problem. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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