How to open a sidekick 4g

how to open a sidekick 4g

T-Mobile Sidekick 4G features a fully 3. On your computer, click Open integrated media player that spans across folder to view files using Windows all media including music, video . curious open see inside sidekick 4G.

Table Of Contents. Table tk Contents. Previous Page. Next Page. Samsung Sidekick 4G User Manual pages. Samsung portable quad-band zidekick user manual pages. For more information and support, please visit www.

You will need ipen following information when activating service: Service Agreement and agent code on your Agreement Lift up the battery to remove. Your phone will not work without the SIM card. Insert SIM card and battery 1. To add the 2. Navigate to the Home screen Simply ssidekick your finger right or left to where you want to add the item.

From any Home screen, tap What does the cast of full house look like today. From any Home screen, tap Contacts. Hold your phone in portrait view 2. Press the Menu key.

Tap the contact. Tap the desired number to initiate the call. Adjust call volume Sync account contacts While on an active call, press the Volume You can import and sync contacts from key up or down to adjust the call volume. Tap Settings. Calling is a backup sdiekick the cellular network is not available.

DriveSmart 2. Tap Wireless and network. Messaging shortcut. Page Cloud Texting 5. Tap OK. Begin typing on the keyboard or tap Compose to enter your message 6. Tap the Your Photo icon. Perform one of the following actions: 4. Tap the icons to add attachments, Tap the desired picture. What is an irish flute your e-mail address and password.

Tap Manual Setup. Your phone comes with e-mail capability 5. Tap Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. Page 20 Send e-mail Tap the Security question drop-down menu and tap the desired question.

While in your mailbox, Enter your answer and a tl press the Menu key. Tap Compose. Tap Create. At To, enter the e-mail address. Take a picture 1. From any Home screen, 2. Tap the Arrow icon on the left side of press the Camera key. Page Media Room 1. On what is the server address for windows live mail phone, tap Media Player.

Too Sidekick 4G features a fully 3. On your computer, click Open integrated media player bow spans across folder to view files using Windows all media including music, video and Internet Explorer and click OK.

While browsing the marketplace, Provides one-stop access to the hottest tap the desired application. Tap Install. Tap OK to allow the application Create account access, if necessary. Here are some hints that be approximated how to open a sidekick 4g a call.

Page 27 generated alerts or notifications. Your data See brochures and the Terms and session, plan, or how to open a sidekick 4g may be slowed, Conditions including arbitration provision suspended, terminated or restricted if you at T-Mobile.

This manual is also suitable for: T-mobile sidekick 4g. Print page 1 Print siddkick 30 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.

Get support for your Sidekick.

On the computer, click the Open device to view files using Windows Explorer folder or else navigate to and open the phone’s disk drive and navigate to the desired folder. Navigate to the desired files on your device. The Card icon is your SD card and the . Jul 13,  · 2. Install "Terminal Emulator" from the Market. Go to your Sidekick 4G and open the emulator. *****FOLLOW THESE STEPS VERY CARFULLY***** After opening a terminal emulator, type the following: cd /dev/block su. The iconic T-Mobile® Sidekick® 4G changed everything. Learn about the history of the Sidekick, get support, and keep an eye out for updates. The coolest smartphone of all time. Get support for your Sidekick® and check back for updates. Get support for your Sidekick.

By now you probably know all there is to know about your device, but if not, we've got you covered with some basic info below. Check out some upgrade options or learn about our Equipment Installment Plan which helps break down the costs of devices into manageable monthly payments. Get a little refresher about the different buttons on your device as well as some of its key features. Check out the attached PDF user guide.

A master reset restores the original factory settings and may delete your personal data on the internal storage, such as downloads, ringtones, images, apps, contacts, and Visual Voicemail. You've probably been through a lot with your device and although it's tough to say goodbye, it just might be time to say your farewells and get a new device.

Already have a new device? If you're having trouble with your device or it's just not working like it use to do, check out our troubleshooting pages or visit our Community forums for additional help. You can also open the attached PDF user guide below for additional support.

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