How to make a pea pod necklace

how to make a pea pod necklace

Easy Peasy Pea Pod Pendant

Nov 12,  · DIY necklace:)♡ Products I used ♡Sculpey III Polymer ClayAcrylic PaintJump RingsSilver Chain♥ Other places to find ME: ♥♡ INSTAGRAM: Apr 25,  · Make sure all the faces of the peas on the necklace are facing the same direction. Set the peas into the peapod so that back of the peas gently push into the glue. Let the glue dry. This sweet little necklace is ready to wear or to give to mom or grandma!

There are some things in nature that strongly represent motherhood to me, such as sweet little nests and cute green pea pods. Like my wire bird nestsI also wanted to create a unique pendant of peas. But the what is raid level 0, well, that was where the hunt came in.

Off to the neckllace Goodwill, Nevklace went in search of green leather. I kept an eye out while looking through purses, pocketbooks, jackets and skirts. And lookie here! I found a pair of pea green leather shoes. With my fabric scissors, I cut off a section of shoe.

Peeled off tp inside vinyl and folded in half, I trimmed out a pod with one straight side and one curved, careful to make it long enough to house the number of beads How to make a pea pod necklace planned to use. Once the pod shape was cut out, I took it to the sink and gave it a good soapy washing, because after all, it did come from a used shoe! I used one of my sewing machine needles to pierce a hole necklqce the fold for running the headpin through. I threaded 4 yo onto a headpin, one representing each of my children.

I used super glue GEL to connect the end of the pod pieces then pulled the beaded pin up through the hole. I turned it over and again with the super glue gel, great because you can control gel so much better than the runny stuff, I sealed up the back curved side creating a seam, allowing enough glue to also secure the backs of the tiny beads, keeping them in the pod. The pod was still damp from its washing, so while neccklace the seam as the glue dried, I pressed the how to make a pea pod necklace around the beads.

As the leather dried, it molded so nicely around the peas. I attached a bead cap, made a loop for hanging and added another piece of twisted headpin with its head removed as an itty-bitty vine. Strung onto a small silver chain, I just love it.

Not a bad thrift-store shoe repurpose, eh?! UPDATE: After posting, I went back and tinkered a bit more, this time using a piece what is the food standards agency leather that was previously hemmed and stitched.

I also pinched the bead cap onto the top of the pod and used the how to use rapitest soil ph meter wire from the original headpin to create the little tendril instead how to span videos over dual monitors adding an additional one, therefor only using on headpin per pod.

Need jow to put your pea pod necklace in? Check THIS out! Your ma,e address will not be published. Leave this field empty. If hlw took those shoes to the Goodwill sees this they will wish they had kept them.

Thanks for sharing. What a funtastic idea. I love the recycling- idea about it. It is absolutly beautiful. Thank you for showing us. This is the cutest idea I've seen in a long time. Love it! That is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time! Do you think I can get 9 peas in my little pod? And can you share pieces of the shoe with the rest of us? I will be on the hunt for green leather. This would make a great baby shower gift. Very, very cool — I lvoe how you made something so gally neckpace out of Michael's sale items and a thrift store shoe.

Should QC my comments better — this might make more sense — "I love how you made something so gallery worthy". Oh my what a fabulous idea! Your creation is perfectly gorgeous!

Hmm, where to find a green shoe! Could try felt I suppose but wouldn't look as fabulous as how to do apa references pod Cathe — absolutely love it! But I guess Ro can! Oh, how sweet is that, Cathe, tp your repurposing of some old leather shoes and a few craft store supplies, to make such a dear necklace! Hw, Maria. That's gorgeous and so original and unique! Such an exquisite necklace!

Amazing job! Beautiful work! Hi — stopping by from Everything Etsy. You have a beautiful workspace AND blog. I especially love repurposed crafts and I can't wait to take a look around. This is adorable!! How clever. This would be a great gift at a "Pea in the Pod" baby shower. Positively brilliant! Old shoes are something I always feel really guilty about throwing away, and I've never been able to come up with a project to repurpose them.

Now I feel inspired. The pea pod necklace is really lovely! I really want to make one. Wanted to say thanks for your bird's nest tutorial. I just finished making one out of pearls from an old necklace I never liked and recycled electrical wire.

Then I hung it from a piece of black yard sale ribbon and it's fabulous! Spending gobs of money on jewelry is just not something we can do right now, so it's wonderful to be able to wear special things and give them to others anyway. Neck,ace awesome! I love it, Cathe. I especially love how fearless you are with leather. Okay, I made some birds nests. Guess I'll have to make some pea pods too! I made a peapod opd my sister's special birthday this week and I love how it turned out.

Thanks so much for the mecklace Cathe! I'm off pdo look for green shoes! Pingback: [weekend projects] Stuff to Make « Counting the Leaves. Just an adorable idea, you are a breath of fresh air in the craft world. Outside the box ideas. Googled for pea seed packets and found your site. She always refers to the Baby Ava Lillian as her pea in necklaxe pod.

Plus, I love, and so will my necmlace, the vinage look. I hope my sweet pea flowers are blooming and they will be part of the decoration. I am going to make the necklace for aa sister. Thankfully, I have a friend who is a cobbler, hopefully green leather will not be hard to find. I look forward to combing through your site! I will attempt this. Very precious. A nice gift for her. Thanks, bg. Wonderful idea. I may have to mix some colors but I can do that. I think this will work.

I ho all the other jewelry supplies. I know neckpace can buy soft leather in patches at Michaels, or Hobby L. It is amazing what you come up with!

I especially LOVE the little birds nest how to make a pea pod necklace the pea pod necklace. I MUST try and make both. Hope I have some luck finding some pea green w. I just found your website today and will be checking back often to see what comes out of that awesome head of yours.

Oh my goodness!


Nov 07,  · Bend the wire down towards the top of the pod. Then wrap the wire around pin once and then bring the wire to the other end cuz the wire will be on the other side of the beads. Continue this technique I like to go like 8 to 10 wraps around, it's depends on the . Jul 04,  · Amy over at Positively Splendid used colorful craft wire for her Sweet Pea Pod tutorial.I like how she made the free form pod. Polly of Helping Little Hands started off with Amy's directions but completed the second part in a different way. Check the guest post tutorial out on Keeping It Simple. Pea Pod necklace, Mothers Jewelry, Three peas in a Pod, Personalized Pea pod Necklace with Initials, Gift for Mom, Christmas Necklace smilesophie 5 out of 5 stars (5,) $ Add to Favorites Three Pea Pod Necklace - Silver Pea Pod Mother's Necklace - Mom's Pearl Peas in a Pod Pendant - Push Gift - Three Peas.

Ooooh, the leather pea pod si so cool! Thanks for thinking of us leatherworkers, too. The peas are blooming here and soon will be ready for harvest. Great pendants I've always said I was going to try the pea in a pod pendant but never got around to it!

Yes, leather would have a softer feel! They are worth trying as people do like them. Thanks for the comment and feedback. You do make a difference on my blog! Ads Top. Pea pod pendants have been around for a while. Many artisans including myself have made our own versions. So if you'd like to have a go, check out these great tutorials. Each of the designers has her distinctive take on the theme. Tags : necklace tutorial wire work. You Might Also Like wire work.

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