How to make a giant sock monkey costume

how to make a giant sock monkey costume

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Aug 26,  · Cut the socks off at the heel, sew them up, and then pull them over the arms. Take a white knitted sweater from the thrift store and pull sleeves over feet and calves, mark where to cut sleeves off, and add a couple inches. Then cut off, and sew up. Tea dye if you want them to be off-white. Oct 31,  · The sock monkey I made her was this one HERE, and I wanted to make her one that would look the same. I visited a second hand market in search of some used clothes with similar prints but I couldn't find exactly what I wanted, so I had to stick .

My name is Magda E. I live in Portugal, and we don't have a strong tradition on Halloween. It might have become popular to celebrate it from 10 years to now over here, mainly school parties, bars having themed parties, etc.

Trick or Treat isn't that common, and the costumes are mainly witches, vampires, zombies We called it "Dia das Bruxas" Witches day and I love it. It also happens that my birthday is just two days before Halloween, so I get to make wonderful themed parties if I want to. I actually only made one great Halloween themed party, but it was huge and I had a great time preparing it and having it. Back to the costumes, around here, they are more popular around February, for the Carnival.

And this year, I have made a sock monkey costume for my daughter. Karma what goes around comes around know why, I never blogged about it so far, but with Halloween approching I think it is a wonderful time to not just blog about it, but to share a tutorial on how I made it. Following my self challenge of not buying any new fabric for the year, I tried to work with what I had. I made the little one a sock monkey and it has become her best friend, which she carried all around, so we all thought it was a great idea to dress her up in a sock monkey costume.

I visited a second hand market in search of some used clothes with similar prints but I couldn't find exactly what I wanted, so I had to stick with plan B instead, and just find a shirt we all liked.

I came home with two shirts I was able to use. So, if you want to know how I made a sock monkey costume out of one euro only, then keep reading!

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Coolest Homemade Sock Monkey Halloween Costume Using photos of an actual sock monkey for inspiration, this Homemade Sock Monkey Halloween Costume is made out of two women’s long sleeve shirts. For the body of the costume I used a shirt that was a few inches past crotch level in length. I cut the sleeves off a larger shirt and sewed them . If you are searching for easy DIY Halloween costumes this year, look no further! This adorable little sock monkey is made out of a sweater! 2 of my daughters have enjoyed wearing this little costume for Halloween and the best part is that it keeps them super warm. It’s easy to learn how to make a sock monkey costume. Coolest Homemade Sock Monkey Costume I found the brownish material at a fabric store. I purchased a kids’ sleeper PJs from the thrift store and used a seam ripper to disassemble it into my pattern. Then, I pinned each of the pattern pieces to my fabric and cut them out.

Every year, my daughter starts thinking about Halloween costume ideas during the summer! Last year, she decided that she and her younger twin brothers should be sock monkeys. And, I mean, really…what could be cuter? I was a little apprehensive at first, as my sewing machine skills are elementary at best. But then I realized that a sock monkey is actually one of the easiest Halloween costume ideas around! But you definitely could sew them on a machine, if you are so inclined.

I actually attached ears to the hoodies before finding the sock monkey hats that my kids are wearing. You can see them in the photo below. Use the two sock toes you cut off when making the leg warmers in Step 5.

Use a little pillow stuffing to stuff the ears, and then hot glue or sew the opening. It felt just like wearing a comfy jogging suit. No scratchy fabrics or awkward embellishments. Kerri Roche is the voice behind A Pop of Pretty, a Canadian-based home decorating blog, where she shares her love of modern cottage and coastal style, from the island of Newfoundland.

Kerri is a lifelong interiors lover and an avid home enthusiast. Her blog is a creative outlet where she loves to inspire other style seeking home lovers with design and renovation ideas, DIY home decor tutorials, and shopping tips as she decorates her own suburban family home and coastal cottage - all while juggling a busy young family, including a globe-trotting husband, 3 busy kids including twins , and a scrappy little Havanese, named Finnigan.

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