How to fix slippery wooden stairs

how to fix slippery wooden stairs

How to Fix a Slippery Staircase

Mar 26,  · Danny Lipford: Anytime you have wood outside—whether it’s a set of steps like this, or a wood deck, or a walkway—sooner or later it’s going to get dirty and that means it’s going to get . One of the easiest ways to treat slippery wooden steps is to apply a nonslip coating spray. The spray is a clear epoxy that provides a textured finish to ensure better traction on the stairs. You can use the spray on both interior and exterior wooden steps.

By: Author eric. Categories FlooringHome and Kitchen. Hardwood floors are the ultimate in classic style and elegance, but they come with some inherent issues. A slippery floor can be a hazard in your home, and you should ensure that you take measures to counteract these effects.

You may make your hardwood floors less slippery by cleaning it regularly, using acts, deep cleaning bi-annually, or placing non-slip mats. Cleaning product and wax residue must be removed with the proper cleaning agents, or you may need to re-sand and refinish your hardwood floor.

Read on to find out some reasons why your floor is slippery and how to rectify them. Everyone at some stage of their lives has used a shiny wooden floor as a skating rink and tried a dramatic slide across the surface wearing their socks. No one has attempted the same with what shoes to wear with pink skinny jeans length of carpet for a reason.

When two surfaces interact, such as socks on a polished hardwood floor, friction comes into play. Friction is the force between two surfaces sliding across each other or attempting toand friction will always slow the moving object down. Friction depends on the materials of which the two surfaces are made, and the rougher the surface, the greater the friction produced. A slip occurs when the friction between the foot or foot cover surface does not provide enough resistance to counteract the forward and rearward forces when we take a step.

There are many reasons why your hardwood floor might have turned itself into a wooden ice rink. Frequent use of incorrect cleaning products can also affect your food surface and oil spillage, water, grime, polish, and worn finishes. These include:.

Cleaning is an essential means of preventing a buildup of grime that will create slickness on your floor surface.

Dry contaminants like dust and powder act like tiny spheres and can act how to deal with cyberbullying microscopic ball bearings under your feet.

A soft bristle broom or a mop treated with a dusting agent is an excellent option to remove dust and debris before cleaning. Your vacuum is also a great option with a non-abrasive hose attachment. Your high traffic areas should be cleaned with a damp not wet mop once a week, and the low traffic areas can be cleaned once a month or less.

A microfibre headed mop is a good option for your wood floor. Deep cleaning should be tackled at least twice a year using a wood floor mop and cleaning agents suited to your wooden floor. After water spills how to build a rube goldberg machine for kids damp mopping, the floor surface might be slippery, and you should ensure that the floor is dried properly.

You could speed up the process with your AC or ceiling fan or use the good old fashioned towel method. Take a dry towel and run it over your damp floor underneath your broom or wrung out mop. Water spills can be dangerous. Even surfaces that appear smooth to the eye, such as wooden floors, have microscopic peaks and valleys that provide friction.

Water creates a barrier between these friction points and cancels out the friction providing topography. Much like cars aquaplane on a wet road surface, you might find yourself taking a spill. Although many DIY channels suggest that a vinegar solution is the best way to clean off the wax residue on some wooden floors, the National Wood Floor Association does not endorse this practice. On factory finished floors, the NWFA even goes as far as to warn people that the use of non-appropriate cleaners on your wooden floor may result in the void of your warranty.

Site finished floors film-forming finishes such as varnish or oil-modified urethane or UV cured finishes carry a specific warning regarding the degrading nature of acidic vinegar-based cleaning agents. For this reason, you must know the exact nature of your wood finish before attempting to use any cleaning products not specifically suited to the nature of your wood finish.

It is of crucial importance to use the proper cleaning agents for your floor. When you how to fix slippery wooden stairs a wooden floor, you are not actually cleaning the wood itself; you are cleaning the chemical finish on the wood. Using wax on certain site-finished floors can cause a slipping hazard because the floor finish is not designed for wax penetration, leaving the wax to form a potential slipping risk.

These finishes include how to fix slippery wooden stairs and various urethane and UV cured finishes. Rubber bottomed rugs in high traffic, slippery areas can be a quick fix while waiting for a more permanent solution. The best way to keep your hardwood floors from becoming slippery is to take preventative steps to reduce the amount of dirt and contaminants that come in contact with your floor.

A good idea is to place floor mats inside and outside exterior doors to prevent tracked contaminants and grime. Place a dedicated boot removal area to avoid water spills in bad weather being tracked onto your floor surface. You have alternatives if your floor continues to pose a slip hazard even after cleaning attempts.

These can be applied to your existing wood floors dependent on the finishor you may have to sand your wooden floor before their application. Non-slip wooden floor options include:. If all else fails, it might be time to sand and refinish your hardwood floor. All the accumulated cleaning agents and embedded grime built up over time will be removed and allow you to choose your new finish. This should always be done by a professional and depends on the nature of your wooden floor.

Solid wood flooring is made of solid wood through how to fix slippery wooden stairs entire thickness and is generally made of oak, maple, or walnut wood. The advantage of solid hardwood is that it can be sanded or refinished multiple times over its lifespan.

Though engineered hardwood looks the part, it what do i need to be a babysitter only a thin layer of hardwood bonded to a plywood substrate and can not be sanded or refinished more than once.

If an indoor wooden skating rink is what you seek or you are planning to eliminate unwanted house guests, you can use the above information in reverse.

Good old wax polish buffed up to a super sheen would be a good option or use wood furniture polish on your floor because it will harden into an ultra-slick top coat.

A hardwood floor is an investment that can last you for a lifetime, and a well-maintained hardwood floor is the height of classic beauty. Ensure you know your wood and its finish and use finish appropriate cleaning products and tools. Use preventative methods such as carpets and floor mats and maintain your floor diligently, and your floor will not become a slipping hazard. How to Clean Greasy Hardwood Floors. I'm a homeowner and I'd like to do things myself. This post may contain affiliate links.

As an affiliate of retailers like Amazonwe earn from qualifying purchases. Vinyl Plank to Hardwood Transition. Comments are closed. I'm the blogger behind readytodiy.

What Makes a Hardwood Floor Slippery?

Nov 29,  · Here’s how to transform your slippery steps or stairs: Clean the steps well using a cleaner like Spic ‘N Span or other strong cleaner to remove any dirt, oils, or foreign matter, then rinse well to remove all cleaner residue. When the steps are dry, mask off a 3/4″ to 1″ border around the sides and back of the step. Dec 28,  · If your stairs have ever been waxed, you can remove it with a wax remover. Some cleaners can also make hardwood slippery, and you can roughen up . How to fix slippery stairs You may have witnessed a couple of trips and falls down a set of stairs in the past. This is because people often lose their balance on slippery stairs or trip on uneven surfaces. Perhaps none of these were serious accidents, but it is important to know that no matter the height or size of your stairs, it’s a serious accident waiting to happen; even more so if your.

Floor Care Kits. Slippery wood floors can pose hazards in your home especially if you have kids and pets. It is equally dangerous if your stairs is slippery.

Normally, wood floors are not slippery but they become slippery after oil or water spillage, prolonged usage of polish, and frequent usage of some certain cleaning products. Anti-slip wood floor coatings are commonly used both outdoors and indoors. Anti-slip products normally require a double coat which is spread thinly.

Each coat should be allowed to dry about 10 hours. Waterproofing wooden floors also make it easier to clean water spills on wood floor thereby making the floor safe to walk on. Sweeping your wood frequently can aid in decreasing the accumulation of debris.

This debris which includes pet hair, food crumb and dust can make up a slippery loose surface layer on your wood floor. So, regular cleaning of your wood floor, especially with a microfiber mop, is very important in preventing a slippery wood floor. As obvious as this instruction is, it is still worth mentioning as regards preventing slipping on wood floors.

You should put on footwear that will not ease slipping on wood floors. Avoid high heeled shoes or socks; instead, put on house slippers or rubber-soled sports trainers. Woods floors are wet during and immediately after wet mopping with a wood floor cleaner or water. Immediately after wet mopping, use a clean and dry cloth or towel to wipe and dry out any pool or film of water on the wood floor.

When you are drying the wood floor, put a caution sign on the floor showing other people to tread with caution or avoid the area for the time being. Drying wood floors immediately is also a good approach to also avoiding mold on hardwood floor. Apart from leaving a stain spot on your wood floor, spills can make your wood floor slippery. So water and oil-based spills on your wood floor should be cleaned and dried out as soon as they are spotted.

Leaving this spill on your floor does have a great disadvantage and can result in white spots on hardwood floors , ensure to get them cleaned immediately. Although waxing or polishing wood floor can make the floor to regain splendor, some waxing and polishing products can leave a slippery residue on your wood floor finish after repeated usage.

Therefore you have to remove old wax or polish from your wood floor. You can do this by using a solution of white vinegar and water. Mix two parts of water with one part of white vinegar in a bucket. Dip a soft texture mop into the solution and wring out excess solution.

Use the mop to remove the wax or polish film. Then, use another cloth, moist with water to clean up vinegar from the floor. Let the floor dry.

You might have to repeat this procedure if you are tackling a large buildup of wax or polish. Read: Cleaning hardwood floor with vinegar. Some cleaning products, after being used, leave a dull and slippery residue on your wood floor. Take time to research, enquire and observe the characteristics of cleaning products before using them on your wood floors.

You can test a cleaning product by using it on an inconspicuous part of your wood floor for some time. If the cleaning product leaves a dull and slippery residue on your wood floor, stop using it and see how you can get rid of the residue. On the other hand, if the cleaning product does not leave a slippery residue on your wood floor, you can go ahead to use it. We recommend using a cleaning product such as pine sol and windex. Oil finish penetrates deep into wood and provides an unequaled level of protection; hence, it is regarded as the best finish for wood floors.

It is especially needed in rooms that might be susceptible to changing weather conditions and temperatures, for example; greenhouses. Professional oil finishes are commonly referred to as non-slip because of their less slippery nature when compared with other wood floor finishes. Although wax and lacquer finishes on wood floors are cost-effective and attractive, it has been observed that they increase the slippery nature of wood floors.

Therefore, to reduce the chance of having a slippery wood floor, use oil finish instead of lacquer and wax finish. Cover high traffic areas that are known to be slippery with rugs that have non-slip pads. You can also place the rugs in places that are often wet like beneath the sink or under the exit door.

At least, this is a temporal solution for the time being. Place a doormat at the entrance of your house to prevent moisture or any other slippery material from being tracked in. Interestingly, while preventing moisture from being tracked in, you are preventing your wood floor from scratches caused by soil and debris tracked in under shoes. While this might be a temporal fix, ensure to clean these areas regularly.

Avoid moisture from sitting on your food for a long period as this could lead to wood floor buckling. If you have a slippery wood floor, sand and refinish it to make it less slippery. The old slippery finish which has a coat of wax or polish should be removed and a new one should be applied. Simultaneously, this procedure will give your wood floor a fresh look and an updated protection of the wood beneath.

The procedure of sanding and applying a new sealant should be carried out by an expert. Slippery wood floors should be tackled immediately because of the hazard it poses to people.

People can get injuries, dislocations, and fractures from slipping on floors. To tackle slippery floors effectively, practice the methods explained above, and also, always maintain a very clean wood floor.

You can maintain your wood floor by cleaning it frequently , wiping off spills immediately and using appropriate cleaning products to clean it. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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