How to create ssas cube

how to create ssas cube


SSAS OLAP Cube is a combination of Measures (Derived, Calculated Measures) and Dimensions, calculations, perspectives, actions, partitions, key performance indicators (KPIs), and translations. Create OLAP Cube in SQL Server Analysis Services. Within the Solutions Explorer, Right-click on the Cube folder will open the context menu. Select the New Cube option, as shown in the below screenshot. It will open the SSAS OLAP Cube wizard with the welcome page. STEP 1: Within the Dimension Pane, Right-click on the Cube Name will open the Context Menu to choose the options. Since we are adding the Cube dimensions, click on the Add cube dimension option Clicking the Add cube dimension option will open the Add Cube Dimension window. It will show us all the available Dimension Tables in the Data Source View.

I am a DBA consultant and several times, in the past, I have been asked for a good tool to generate fast reports to get information about the company like total sales, sales per year, month, how to create ssas cube, etc. Creafe the acquisition, the technology was upgraded and evolved and now it is part of the tools that come with SQL I m depressed what can i do. This tool hoq an extremely powerful tool to create analytical reports fast.

It works with cubes that are designed to generate reports with optimal performance using aggregated information stored in the cube. SSAS generally does consume a lot of space because it contains a lot of information ready to be used. In this article, we will learn how to create your first cube from scratch. If you do not know anything about SSAS, this will be a great opportunity to learn. A cube in SSAS requires a data warehouse. The data warehouse is a special database designed to store enterprise information from different sources like Excel, ERPs, CRMs, flat files, legacy data and more.

If you hpw to have an SSAS cube, creating the data warehouse is a process that takes a bit of time and resources. Hhow this article, we asas use the AdventureworksDW sample ready to be used. However, in the real-life, you will need to create some ETLs to automatically extract your business information to the Creahe Warehouse.

The Currency dimensionwill help us to detect amounts in different currencies around the world and Sales territory will help to detect sales, discounts, etc. Select the option to create a new Data Source based on existing or new connection and press the new button:. In Impersonation information specify a user with access to the AdventureworksDW database:. We created the credentials to connect to the AdventureworksDW database.

We will create now creqte views. In this process, we will select the tables cbue be included in the cube. These dimensions include information sssa sales regions and currencies:.

As you can see, the fact table and the dimensions have a relationship. If the common columns are equal, the relationships are detected automatically:. You can create a dimension based on templates, time tables or based on existing tables.

Select the option Use an existing table :. Once that cdeate have the first cteate created, Currency namewe will create the sales territory dimension. In solution explorer, right click Dimensions and select New dimension:.

In the new dimension created, click the process icon to process the dimension. The process will generate the structure and load data to the dimension from the SQL Server table:. We will now how to convert video to 3gpp the cube.

Measure group tables are used to include the table with data to measure. A measure can be the number of sales, amount sold, freight, etc.

Select the data to measure. We will uncheck the keys and check the other attributes to measure:. You can also add the fact table as a dimension degenerate dimension. In this example, we will not add it:. You will have the cube created with the fact table in yellow and the dimensions in blue. Press the process icon to process the cube:. Drag and drop some measures from the Measure Group to the design ho. Now drag and drop the currency name to the graph pane, you will be able to see the measures grouped by currency:.

Drag and drop the Sales Cdeate Country. You will now be able to see the measures grouped by currency and territory:. In this article, we learned how to asas a cube in SSAS.

We first need to create a data source how to create ssas cube connect to our database. In this example, we connected to a data warehouse already created. For our ssaas, we used AdventureworksDW, which is a sample database created for learning purposes. The next step was to add the fact table and 2 dimensions as data source views. SSAS detected the primary keys and relationships by default. After that, we added 2 dimensions based on 2 data source views.

The currency and sales territory dimensions. Finally, we created a cube based on the table factresellersales. We selected some columns as measures and we added the dimensions created. With the process buttons, we loaded data to the cubes. The cube as you can see is a how to download ebooks to the nook way to generate multiple reports.

You can create multiple reports without SQL knowledge or other reporting tools. With SSAS you can easily generate how to create ssas cube of reports to accomplish your company dreate. Author Recent Posts. Daniel Calbimonte. He has worked for the government, oil companies, web sites, magazines and universities around the world. Daniel also regularly speaks at SQL Servers conferences and blogs. He writes SQL Server training materials for certification exams.

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OLAP Cube Creation

Oct 18,  · OLAP Cube Creation. 1. First, create a data warehouse in Microsoft SQL Server studio. For instance, following is a sample Sales data warehouse –. 2. Create new analysis service project in Microsoft Business Intelligence Development Studio –. 3. . To create a new cube. In Solution Explorer, right-click Cubes, and then click New Cube. On the Select Creation Method page of the Cube Wizard, select Use existing tables, and then click Next. On the Select Measure Group Tables page, do the following procedures: In the Data source view list, select a. Jan 01,  · We can develop the OLAP cube using the BIDS (business intelligence development studio) Follow the below steps to run the query in SSMS (SQL Server management studio) Open SSMS Connect the database engine. Open new query editor. Paste the SQL script here. Press F5 to run the script.

It is a Microsoft Business intelligence tool for creating Online analytical processing and data mining functionality. It is a technology that stores the data in an optimized way to easily fetched from different types of complex queries by using various measures and dimensions. Step 1: Start a Business intelligence development studio environment. Step 2: Start analysis services project: SSAS can create and occupy a physical table in the data source it will use to occupy the dimension maintained in the SSAS databases, On the specify source information.

Create a new connection. Step 4: Creating a New data source view: We create a data source view DSV as an abstraction of the tables from the data source.

In the solution explorer, right-click on the Data Source view then click new data source view to create the new one data source view, after that click on the next and select relational data source then next. Interested in learning MSBI? Looking for top Jobs in Business Intelligence? Have a look at this blog which will give you all the information you need! Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Read More. Become a Certified Professional. What is SSAS? Uses of OLAP Cube It is a technology that stores the data in an optimized way to easily fetched from different types of complex queries by using various measures and dimensions.

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