How to be ninja video

how to be ninja video

Apr 24,  · Ever since we made the first How to be Ninja video, I've been asked to remake this. After nearly a decade later, here it is!Watch More bloopers and BTS here. Jul 26,  · This is a dvd that shows you how to be an excellent Used:Carl Douglas - Kung Fu FightingMortal Kombat Theme SongPink Panther Theme SongFergie - C.

Tecmo developed and published it for the Nintendo Entertainment System NES ; its development and release coincided with the beat 'em up arcade version of the same name. The story follows a ninja named Ryu Hayabusa as he journeys to America to avenge his murdered father.

There, he learns that a person how to be ninja video "the Jaquio" plans to take control of the world by unleashing an ancient demon through the power contained in two statues. Featuring what to plant with roses garden gameplay similar to Castlevaniaplayers control Ryu through six "Acts" that comprise 20 levels ; ne encounter enemies that must be dispatched with Ryu's katana and vidro secondary how to be ninja video. Ninja Gaiden is renowned for its elaborate story and usage of anime -like cinematic cutscenes.

It received extensive coverage and won several awards from video gaming magazines, while criticism focused on its high and unforgiving difficulty, particularly in the later levels. More than fifteen years after its release, the game continued to receive ninjq from print and online publications, being cited as videl of the greatest video games of all time. Ninja Gaiden features a ninja named Ryu Hayabusa who seeks revenge for the death of his father and gradually finds himself involved in a sinister plot that threatens the entire world.

After the duel, Ryu finds a letter written by Ken which tells him to find an archeologist named Walter Smith in America. Ryu gives chase, defeats the masked figure, and retrieves the statue; but when he returns he how to be ninja video that Walter is dying, and the Light statue is missing. Right after Walter dies, three armed men confront Ryu and tell him to come with them. Foster tells him about a more-thanyear-old temple Walter discovered in some ruins in the Amazon.

He continues saying one day Walter mysteriously sealed the ruins, and nobody has since ventured near them. He orders Ryu to give up the demon statue after threatening the girl's life. Ryu is then dropped from sight through a trapdoor and into a catacomb. After fighting his way back to the top of the temple, Ryu encounters Bloody Malth, whom he defeats. As he is dying, Malth reveals that he was the one who dueled with Ryu's father, that his father is still alive, and Vodeo will meet him as he presses onward.

Jaquio, enraged by Ken's release from his possession, shows himself; he tries to kill Ryu immediately with a fiery projectile, how to be ninja video Ken throws himself in front of Ryu and takes the hit. Jaquio is killed by Ryu during the ensuing fight, but then a lunar eclipse occurs, causing the demon statues to transform into Jashin.

He tells Ryu to leave him behind in the temple while it collapses, and to take the young woman with him. The two kiss, and the girl tells Ryu her name, Irene Lew; they watch as the sun rises. Ninja Gaiden is a side-scrolling platform game in which the player takes control of the player characterRyu Hayabusaand guides him through six "Acts" that comprise 20 levels. A "life" is lost when the life meter is depleted entirely, when Ryu falls off the screen, or when the timer runs out.

A game over screen appears when all lives are lost; [19] however, the player may restart the level where this occurred by continuing. When its life meter is depleted entirely, a boss is defeated. Players attack enemies by thrusting at hiw with Ryu's Dragon How to be ninja video katana -like sword passed down by the Hayabusa clan for generations. Players can replenish Ryu's spiritual strength by collecting red and blue "spiritual viedo items found in lamps and lanterns.

Other items found along the what do hindu people believe happens after death include hourglasses that freeze all enemies and projectiles for nknja seconds, bonus point containers, potions hlw restore six units of physical strength, "invincible fire wheels" that make Ryu temporarily invincible to attacks and 1-ups.

Ryu can vieo on and off ladders and walls, and by using the directional pad, he can climb up or down ladders. Ryu can spring off walls by holding the directional pad in the opposite direction he is facing and nninja the jump button. He cannot attack while on walls or ladders. Players can use this technique to get Ryu to climb up spaces between walls and columns by holding down the jump button and alternating between left and right on the directional pad.

He can also climb a nina wall vertically by springing off it and then quickly pressing the directional pad back towards the wall. Tecmo first announced the Famicom version of the game in the January 15,issue of Family Computer Magazine under the title Ninja Gaiden which would later be used for the game's American version.

Drawing inspiration from the Mario series, [29] Yoshizawa kept the same title but changed everything else; it became a platform game as opposed to a beat 'em up such as Double Dragon ; [26] the gameplay was modeled after Konami 's Castlevania[30] with Ryu being equipped with a katana -like Dragon Sword, shurikensand ninpo techniques such as fire wheels. They designed him with a ninja vest to place emphasis on his muscles, and they furnished him with a cowl that arched outward.

They originally wanted to equip Ryu with sensors and a helmet with vidfo inside monitor what does no hydronephrosis mean check his surroundings, but that idea was scrapped. According to Kato, hpw used specific locations and environments to justify the need for having a ninja for a main character. Yoshizawa placed greater emphasis on the story, unlike the arcade tto, [29] and wrote and designed a plot that included over 20 minutes of cinematic cutscenes —the first time an NES game contained such sequences.

They are used at the beginning of each Act to introduce new characters such as Irene Lew, Walter Smith, and the Jaquio. Dimitri Criona, Tecmo USA's director of sales and marketing, said that console games had an advantage over arcade games in that they allowed the creation of a longer game and the inclusion of cutscenes, which Tecmo trademarked as "cinema screens".

He noted console games required a different reward structure than arcade games. How to be ninja video the game's text was translated from Japanese to English, the game needed to be reprogrammed to accomplish this; different companies handled this process in different ways. Tecmo's Japanese writers wrote rough translations in English and then faxed them to the American division.

According to Criona, the American division would "edit it and put it back together, telling the story in a context that an American English speaker would understand. This would go back and forth several times. Because of the NES's hardware limitations, the English text needed to be very clear and concise to fall ne those limitations; many times, different words with the same meaning but with fewer characters had to be used. All symbols and objects were scrutinized by Nintendo of Americawho had specific rules on what could be included for North American what does itchy hair mean for instance, any SatanicChristianor any other religious, sexual, or drug-related references were not allowed.

Since the game's title was deemed too difficult for English audiences to read, it was renamed when it was released in Western markets. Upon Ninja Gaiden ' s North American release, Nintendo of America, whose play-testers liked the game and gave it high ratings, decided to help with its marketing. Nintendo's house organ Nintendo Power featured it prominently. According to Criona, it did not take ho lot of effort to market the game through the magazine, nor did Tecmo or Nintendo do much else to promote it.

Ninja Gaiden received strong publicity in Nintendo Power in and It "got the highest marks of any title It was expected to be No. The preview compared Ryu's ability to climb and spring off walls to the gameplay in Metroid.

Its display featured a demo of the game and a live person dressed as a ninja. Demand for the game eventually exceeded its supply. While Tecmo anticipated the game would be a hit, according to Kohler they did not realize at the time the impact it would have on the video game industry "with its groundbreaking use of cinematics".

It features more colorful and detailed graphics, along with difficulty and gameplay tweaks and a different soundtrack. This version also supports three different language settings with Japanese, English and Chinese as the available options. However, the English translation used in this version differs from the one used in the earlier NES version.

Some reviewers appreciated the redrawn graphics and music in this version, but others found them to be an inadequate effort. Electronic Gaming Monthly reviewers compared it unfavorably to another updated NES remake, Mega Man: The Wily Wars ; they called the version "an exact port-over with no noticeable enhancements in graphics, sound and play control".

The game debuted at No. These cinema scenes made Ninja Gaiden play almost like a movie. The game received strong reviews and publicity from other video gaming magazines at the time. The review praised the game's animation in these cutscenes and noted Tecmo's usage of close-ups and body movements. The reviewer said that while the cutscenes were not fluid, they were effective and entertaining and provided important information about what the player was supposed to do.

He appreciated the game had unlimited continues which slightly offset its difficulty, but he criticized it how to connect computer to a server having over-detailed background graphics especially in the indoor levels, saying that some bottomless pits and items in these levels become slightly camouflaged.

The staff said that Ninja Gaiden "proved to be an instant winner" with its cinematic cutscenes and unique gameplay. They added the game's climax was better than some movies' climaxes at the time and that it established continuity for a sequel, which would be released the following year. He noted the game has great graphics that feature diverse backgrounds and character sprites; he especially praised its use of cartoon-like animation sequences between Acts where the game's plot unfolds.

He enjoyed the game's difficulty especially with the bosses, but he noted the game will seem tough at first until players become accustomed to the controls.

He criticized the game for its sound, which he said did not fit with the graphics and was "racy" but added "what's there is atmospheric and suits the action". He highly recommended the game to fans of the beat 'em up and combat genres. In the review, Matt Regan and What are some good games for the psp Glancey praised its detailed and animated character sprites and its difficulty level.

The game's high standards of gameplay, sound, and overall depth impressed Regan; he noted the game's frustrating difficulty but pointed out that it has unlimited continues. Glancey compared the game to the NES version of Batman released later in with its similar of wall-jumping mechanics; he said that its graphics were not as well-developed as Batman ' s but were still satisfactory.

He praised its detailed sprites and their animations along with the "Tecmo Theater" concept, noting that the cutscenes "help supply a lot of atmosphere". He said it is of the best arcade-style games on the NES as well as the best ninja-related game on the system. The Japanese magazine Famitsu gave it a score of 28 out of How to be ninja video review praised the game for its attention to detail and challenge and noted players need to master certain gameplay skills to move on.

Criticisms included a "lack of variety" and dullness in gameplay bideo was compared to a "visit to the tax office". They noted the faithful translation from the NES version as well as the revamped and more detailed graphics, saying "PC Engine owners should not miss this one! The official English Tecmo Games' mobile website advertised it for a future release along with a ninjx version of Tecmo Bowl. The port featured the same visuals and soundtrack as the NES version.

Each installment was to consist of several levels of too at a time. The mobile phone port of Ninja Gaiden was met with some praise and criticism.

They praised the game's controls, despite the omission bow the ability to duck so that pressing "down" on the phone's directional pad could videl used for secondary weapons; Brown said the port had better controls than most other mobile phone games at the time. They both criticized the port for its lack of sound quality, but Buchanan said this was not Tecmo's fault.

Retro Gamer took a look back at Ninja Gaiden in its March issue, when the Xbox remake was ninjz. They said the game broke the mold of conventional video game titles by including a plot with cinematic cutscenes added between gameplay segments, adding that the concept of how to be ninja video cinematics for a game's introduction, plot, and ending was a new concept which "naturally impressed the gaming public". The article noted the game's high level of difficulty, saying the game "threw up how to be ninja video immense challenge even for the veteran gamer, and almost dared you to complete it mentally and physically intact".

Upon its release on the Virtual Console, Ninja Gaiden was met with high praise, especially for its elaborate story, amount of narrative, and use of anime -like cinematic sequences. A 1UP. Reviewers have criticized the game for its high and unforgiving difficulty level especially late in the game, and it has been considered an example of " Nintendo Hard " video games.

According to his review, the game starts easy, but the difficulty begins to increase halfway through the second Act and continues through the sixth Act; Navarro describes the sixth Act's difficulty what is the latest version of sql server "one of the bottom levels of gaming hell".

Over fifteen years after its creation, Ninja Gaiden has maintained its position as one of the most popular games for the NES.

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Nov 20,  · What other EPIC stuff do you want to learn? Subscribe! doesn't want to a master of stealth and martial arts? Joe Bereta teaches y. This is video How to become ninja!!!This is our first video what we uploaded to youtube, so don't be so rude to us! Hope you enjoy this video,because it's no. This video me and gas gas gas Nolan are going to goofing around and some stuff on how to become a ninja.

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