How long to drive from las vegas to grand canyon

how long to drive from las vegas to grand canyon

How to drive to Grand Canyon Skywalk from Las Vegas

The closest entry point from Las Vegas is Grand Canyon West Rim, which is miles or approximately a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Las Vegas. The drive takes you through parts of Arizona and past other noteworthy spots like the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and Boulder City. There are three main viewpoints of the Grand Canyon. Mar 26,  · The Grand Canyon Railway lets you relive the “good old days” of Grand Canyon touring on a century old rail line from Williams, Arizona (4 hours from Las Vegas) to the very rim of the Grand Canyon. The distance from Las Vegas, NV to Grand Canyon depends on which part of Grand Canyon you would like to visit.

The Grand Canyon is one of the most spectacular natural areas in the world! It is the most visited rim from Vegas, and can easily be done as a day trip.

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Let me tell you a little about each rim, how long it takes to drive there from Las Vegas, and some alternative ways to get there. There are a few interesting stops along the way to and from the West Rim when coming from Las Vegas. The main points of interest are all located in the same general area, and are more or less along the way about 40 minutes from the Vegas Strip. Of what is a water market, these stops will add some extra time to the journey.

There are several things to do and see at Grand Canyon Westincluding:. One of these full-day tours will get you exactly where you want to what does hulled barley look like without the stress of driving, parking, figuring out how to get places, etc.

Breakfast, lunch and snacks included. A Skywalk ticket to walk out onto the walkway over the canyon is an additional option. Lunch is included. Many of these Las Vegas Grand Canyon tours will even pick you up, and drop you off, at your Las Vegas Strip hotel, making a day at the West Rim as enjoyable and convenient as can be. They are:. The South Rim of the Grand Canyon is the most developed of the three rims.

From here you can experience all that the Grand Canyon has to offer including:. A professional tour guide will keep you comfortable and tell you all about the things you are seeing. With stops at Mather Point, Bright Angel Trail, and Yavapai Point you get to see the best of the best viewpoints overlooking the canyon.

A boxed lunch is included. There are also several flight options to the South Rim via jet helicopters how cool does that sound! The North Rim is the least developed rim of the Grand Canyon and as such holds somewhat of a pristine charm. The quickest route is to approach it from the North West rather than try to get at it from the southern route. Note: The North Rim of the Grand Canyon experiences severe winter weather and is usually closed from the middle of October until it reopens on or around May 15th.

This map above shows the most direct route to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas and approximately how long it will take. Zion National Park website — By taking a detour with just about an additional hour of driving, you can take a route that will take you through part of Zion National Park see the route here.

A beautiful national park, Zion is well worth the side trip! As I mentioned previously, the how to change lipstick color in photoshop of the canyon has very little development. As such, it is less crowded and much quieter here. The things to do at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon include:. Day tours to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas are much harder to come by due to the distance and the limited seasonality.

There is, however, a tour from Vegas that offers a flight to the North Rim. Your guide will take you deep into areas with limited access for some totally exclusive views of the Grand Canyon. Thousands of people visit the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas each year. Because of the close distance and convenience factor many visitors to Las Vegas choose to visit the West Rim as it can be accomplished comfortably as a day trip.

My name is Bryan Mullennix. Hiking, biking and living the good life with my wife in Las Vegas, Nevada. Click here for more about Bryan. Las Vegas has a lot of hotels that will work how long to drive from las vegas to grand canyon families with kids, but not all Vegas hotels are created equal. The top choices have plenty to keep the whole crew entertained, from pools and water When thinking of visiting Las Vegas, horseback riding is probably not the first thing that springs to mind.

However, if you're planning to visit Sin City, you should definitely take some time out to Skip to content The Grand Canyon is one of the most spectacular natural areas in the world! How far is the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas? Hopi Point at the South Rim is an awe inspiring viewpoint. Sunset at the North Rim from Cape Royal overlook. Continue Reading.


Feb 03,  · If you Google a Map of the Driving directions on how to drive to Grand Canyon Skywalk from Las Vegas. Google is estimating a 2 hour and 20 minute drive. It is approximately Miles or Kilometers to the Skywalk. Apr 15,  · A drive to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas will take over hours ( miles) so you’ll want to spread it out over at least a couple of days so you have time to explore once you get there. The quickest route is to approach it from the North West rather than try . May 26,  · The drive from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon’s iconic South Rim — the most-visited section due to its superior canyon viewpoints and accessibility — is approximately miles .

There are three main viewpoints of the Grand Canyon. Find details and our top things to do at each point below.

No private cars are allowed. However, there are parking spaces and free shuttles at the Welcome Center that will take you to some of the most popular viewpoints, including Eagle Point, Guano Point, and Hualapai Ranch. This horseshoe-shaped glass floor extends over the edge of a 4,foot drop to the bottom of Grand Canyon West and can hold up to 71 million pounds. If you want the all-inclusive tour experience, we recommend the Grand Canyon West Rim 5 in 1 tour. This guided tour includes bus transportation from Vegas to the Grand Canyon, covers all fees, and hits the top 5 visitor spots at the West Rim including the Skywalk.

Active duty military members are free. The South Rim is the most visited spot of the Grand Canyon, so get there early to beat the crowds. The best view at the South Rim is Mather Point, so be sure to stop there.

If you need to stretch your legs after the drive, we recommend walking the 1. If you want to make sure this trip is the best, we recommend staying for multiple days to really enjoy one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Note, this rim is closed during winter.

But if you can tolerate miles in a car, the more remote North Rim will reward you with smaller crowds and some of the Grand Canyon's best views. The North Rim also provides plenty of hiking trails. Bright Angel Point Trail is popular for its relative ease and beautiful scenery. As you can tell, a car ride from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon is more than do-able. We have helicopter tours, bus tours, plane tours and everything in between. No matter how you choose to visit, Grand Canyon National Park is a must-see.

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