What to do before a tsunami strikes

Tsunamis are devastating phenomena that have the potential to ravage any coastline. The phenomenon also referred to as a seismic sea wave typically occurs as a series of large waves resulting from a disturbance emanating from beneath the ocean. The disturbance could occur due to an earthquake, meteorite, volcanic eruption, or landslide. Often, if a major earthquake or landslide happens close to the shore, the initial wave gets to the beach in minutes. Further, a tsunami can take hours to subside.

How to fax from mobile phone

Your smartphone is one of the best tools you could have for working on the road. Here are some helpful mobile fax apps:. Files Anywhere aims to live up to its name by allowing users to store, share, sync and fax documents from anywhere. Like other cloud storage services such as Evernote and Dropbox, this app lets you store your files and access them from web-enabled devices. Bonus: You can send and receive faxes from your smartphone. The app is easy to use.

What is the inside of a creme egg made of

A classic drink that actually uses neither egg nor cream. This is an old NYC drink from back in the days of soda and milkshake shops. This always reminds me of Sunday mornings with my father. Pour the seltzer into the glass first or it may bubble out of the glass. Pour in milk and stir in chocolate syrup until dissolved.

What is the definition of terracing

The garden terracing was terminated, and the water for the numerous fountains laid on. Relative abundance of flat lands never led them to develop terracing to the same extent that the mountain people had done. Because of the uneven floor and the terracing that was necessary, six distinct terrace levels resulted. The terracing of all the hills is the most remarkable feature of Judean scenery. Here we have coffee till the " terracing " is over: this is at about eight o'clock.

How to cook hungarian sausage

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How to discipline a teenage girl

Lifting up our teens with affirmation, blameless love, and connectedness is critical for their health. But like a table, a fourth leg is needed to keep things on an equilibrium -- the leg of parental guidance and enforced boundaries. If teens are to stay safe and healthy, your love must be balanced by and actively demonstrated through appropriate, loving discipline. The term discipline has several meanings, and the nuances are worth examining. The dictionary's first definition of the noun discipline is "training that develops self-control, character, or orderliness and efficiency.

What is the value of ee savings bonds

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How to calculate covariance on ba ii plus

Finding covariance with ba ii calculator self. But for some reason, I'm not getting the right answers to this problem. You're not doing anything wrong. Your calculator won't work here because there are probabilities involved. Calculating the covariance on your calculator only works when you're given the expected returns without the probabilities.