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How to Improve Male Fertility

A family is complete with children and so any couple have this dream of having. It is however a fact though that no matter how some couples try, they cannot reproduce even if they try. In some couple, the problem lies in the fertility of the male where it could be lacking and thus needs help to enhance it. There are two things that are said to contribute in the enhancement of the male’s fertility and of which he should work on, and these are following a good diet and a healthy lifestyle. There are vitamins and fertility foods that are said to be great sources in enhancing the fertility of the male, and we will present these briefly each here.

The first vitamin that we will suggest is vitamin C that is a great vitamin for fertility since it will help increase the sperm count of the man. Among the many fruits and foods where vitamin C are great in contents are in mango, oranges, kiwi, broccoli, peppers and potatoes. By taking this vitamin, there is a push in the free flow of the sperm cells, giving the man the higher chances of being fertile.

The next vitamin to increase male fertility is vitamin E since it gives the sperm the vitality to enter the egg of the woman which is the most important aspect for a woman to conceive. The great sources of vitamin E from the many foods are in the forms of cereal, sunflower seeds, nuts, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, peanut butter and avocados. .

Another great vitamin source for the increase in fertility of a man is vitamin B specifically B12, and you do not have a limit in taking this since it does not have an effect on your body even if you have taken it in high quantity. Sources of vitamin B12 can be found in fish, beans, egg, seafood, milk and leafy green vegetables.

For couples to get pregnant, another vitamin that a man has to take is arginine since this has the amino acids that would enhance the count and mobility of the sperm of the man. Conceiving would have a higher probability if more sperms are sent out by the male. You will find this vitamin in cheese, milk, yogurt, chicken, pork, seafood, oatmeal and nuts.

Men loses zinc every time he releases his sperms, and so the next vitamin that is a fertility enhancement is zinc that will help increase in making up for the lost zinc. Great sources of zinc are oysters, cashews, pine nuts, milk, cheese and oatmeal.

You may have all these foods and vitamins, but one thing to remember is to have a diet that is well-balanced too and a healthy lifestyle.

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